Canon EOS 1500D : 

If you are passionately obsessed with ‘capturing the moment at the tip of your finger’

You are exclusive to the ‘World of Art’. In my words… you deserve to be ‘Noah of the Ark of Photography’. And the true photographer isn’t really an asset to the ‘World of Still Beauty’ without a real camera.

Well… these days, Smartphone Cameras are immensely popular compared to Digital Cameras.

But unfortunately, these Smartphone Cameras have their limits. Digital Cameras have overwhelming control over the pictures, unlike Smartphone Cameras. And this is the chief reason to why the professionals always opt for Digital Cameras.

Canon EOS 1500D :

> Best starter and budget DSLR camera.
> Usually known as the ‘Entry-Level DSLR’.

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Highlights :

> Stunning and Cool looking body.
> Descendant of Canon EOS 1300D.

Canon eos 1500d

> WiFi / NFC Connectivity.
> Fine Resolution equipped with 24.1 MP.
> Lens
* 18mm-55mm
* 55mm-250mm
> Standard ISO 100-6400 [Expandable up to 12,800].
> DIGIC 4+ Image processor.
> 9 points Auto-focus with 1 Center Cross type AF Point.

Design of Canon EOS 1500D :

> Look: It’s a perfect looking piece of gadget in hand which makes a beginner look like a professional.

Canon eos 1500d design

> Convenience: Canon EOS 1500D is equipped with a large grip pad that provides a firm, sturdy grip.
* Can be single-handedly handled.

> View Finder: It has an Eye-Level Pentamirror Optical View Finder for an authentic DSLR Shooting Experience.

> Display and Buttons: It has a 3.0 inch LCD full HD Screen [nontouchscreen].
* The buttons are quite easy to understand.
* It has a pop-up flash along with an option to connect external flash.

Canon eos 1500d display

> Weight: The weight of a Canon EOS 1500D [body only] is 427 grams including the battery and SD Card.
* And it weighs 475 grams with 18-55mm lens attached.

Overall, the design is pro and flexible to handle. 

These features make Canon EOS 1500D the coolest for beginners…

Picture Resolution – 24.1 Megapixel :

> The resolution of EOS 1500D is primed by a large 24.1 MP, APS-C size CMOS sensor to capture the picture-perfect shots.
> ‘DIGIC 4+ Image Processor’ enhances the detailed picture quality which shouldn’t be missed.

Capturing shots on canon 1500d

> View Finder: Canon EOS 1500D is equipped with ‘Eye-Level Pentamirror ViewFinder’ for a unique DSLR shooting experience.

Connectivity :

> WiFi / NFC supported. You get a chance to upload captured shots directly to social media.
> EOS 1500D can be connected to smartphones connect stations, WiFi printers. You can even have remote shooting which’s great for group pics and self-portraits.

Digital Storage Capacity :

> 16GB Card [which can store up to 3500 pictures] will be given within the box.
> Expandable up to 64GB.

APS-C Sensor [22mmx15mm] :

> It’s super small, approximately equivalent to the size of ‘View Range Finder’.
> It reduces the blurriness of an image, has a little less noise performance.

Burst Mode / Continuous Shots-3FPS :

> You can actually capture 3 moments of what you do in a second.
> It’s a little less but good for the beginners.

Canon 1500d camera

Shutter Speed [1/4000 second] :

> This feature helps you capture your desired shot in your desired point while the subject’s moving [Faster the Shutter Speed better the desired point image]. So, 1/4000 second is way more than satisfying.

> You will get a perfect picture even if the subject’s moving pretty fast [Slow Shutter Speed can be used to clearly show fast blurry moments. For example, cars at night in the city].

ISO [100-6400] :

> This feature is a key factor for perfect pics in low light.
> It enhances the ‘light and visibility’ of the shot in low light conditions.
> Its expandable up to 12,800.

Canon 1500d camera features

Auto Focus [AF] :

> It has 9 AF points.
> These AF points with one center cross-type AF point helps focus perfectly on the object.

Performance of Canon EOS 1500D :

Canon EOS 1500D, the successor of Canon EOS 1300D is truly a success in performance.

> The buttons are well placed and quite easy to understand for a beginner.
> You get your desired shots with the availability of diverse functions and features of the camera.

Canon eos buttons

Video Recording :

> Video can be perfectly be recorded fro 1080p at 30FPS.
> Slow motion video recording is available.
> It can continuously record for 4-5 hours.
> Any video editing software is compatible with the videos from Canon EOS 1500D.

Overall, the functionality and performance are very good.

Battery Life :

4-5 hours on continuous usage.

Pros :

> Manual stabilization of Lens is easy to handle.
> Camera is compatible with all Canon lenses.
> Videos can be edited with any editing software.
> Easy to carry and operate.
> Storage card slot is in the battery compartment [Easy to access].

Cons :

> Burst mode is a bit disappointing.
> It’s not water-proof.

That’s it and not much to point at.

Canon EOS 1500D isn’t really complete without Lenses. It’s basically provided with 2 different Lenses.

> 18mm-55mm Lens.
> 55mm-250mm Lens.

Most of the professional photographers definitely recommend ‘Canon EOS 1500D’ for the beginners. Hence its called ‘Entry-Level DSLR’.

Click here to buy (US) – $399.99
Click here to buy (IN) – ₹34,999


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