Ajanta Ellora Caves :

Our world is full of fascinating wonders. Some just vanish into the thin air before you even realize it and some stand strong for thousands of years waiting to share its pride with you.

And this is about such humongous monuments that speak of the long-forgotten history and culture.

Ajanta Ellora Caves
Some of the oldest man-made caves in the world…

These caves are not only the mirror of the true magnificence of ancient skills but also the proof of cultural co-existence of the ancient Incredible India that we are witnessing even today.

On exploring the astonishing history of these caves, UNESCO designated them as ‘world heritage’ sites in 1983. If you are looking for your next exploration adventure in India, Ajanta Ellora Caves might just be for you.

Historical magnificence of the Caves

Ajanta Caves:

These caves are some of the oldest and best-preserved man-made structures not just in India but in the whole world.

According to UNESCO, Ajanta Caves are few of the oldest and historic caves that have preserved the forgotten history. They are 30 in total. Some of these Buddhist Caves date back to 2nd Century BC and 1st Century AD. Many more complex and richly decorated caves were later built in the 5th and 6th centuries AD.

Ajanta caves

These rock cave temples that were devoured by thick jungle were discovered by a British man in the 19th Century. These ancient caves take us back into gothic times with its well-preserved work of ancient India.

Spectacular Architecture :

Ajanta Caves are most famous for its spectacular architecture and its stunning paintings. The caves of Ajanta are believed to have existed since the pre-christian era, the oldest cave dates back to 2nd Century BC.

The sculptures and other structures of these caves were built with simple tools like hammer and chisel by monks.

The caves are aligned in a horseshoe shape in the mountain. The rock-cut sculptures and paintings are described as one of the finest surviving examples of ancient Indian art.

The magnificent sculptures depict the great Buddha and other mystical beings of ancient India. The paintings of Buddha and mythological tales are the masterpieces of ancient art.

Did you know…?

The materials used for painting were glue, dried lime wash, and plaster.

Where are Ajanta Caves…?

The Ajanta caves are located in the southwest part of India. The caves are situated in the district of Aurangabad, Maharashtra which is 107kms away from the city of Aurangabad. The caves are surrounded by thick jungle and was the reason why the caves hadn’t discovered for hundreds of years.

Ellora caves :

Ellora Caves, locally known as ‘Verul Leni’ is also a UNESCO world heritage site with the historical monuments built during the era of ancient Hindu dynasties.

Ellora caves are built in 3 different cultural diversities. The caves are part of Hinduism, Buddism, and Jainism that depicts the roots of ‘unity in diversity’ of ancient India.

These are some of the largest rock-cut-monastery-temple cave complexes in the world. Ellora is exclusively famous for Kailasanatha temple, the temple that is perfectly carved out of a gigantic monolithic rock. It is the only structure of its kind in the world that is built in such an extraordinary style.

Ellora caves

Till date, no one’s ever able to recreate this magnificent structure. The carvings and sculptures of mythical India are truly one of a kind masterpiece unlike any other on the planet.

These are few of the fewest places on earth where our long-forgotten history talks. A place that reminds us to preserve and protect the history. This is the place where you get a chance to be Lara Croft or Indiana Jones…

Where are Ellora Caves…?

The Ellora caves are located in the southwest region of India. Ellora caves are 50 miles [80 kms] from the Ajanta caves that are in the district of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. These caves are located near the village of Ellora. This is the best destination for adventurous exploration.

Recommended time to visit Ajanta Ellora Caves

  • Best time to visit the Ajanta Ellora Caves – June to March.
  • Most preferred time for an Adventurer – June to September [Monsoon season] As the region receives good showers which makes the exploration delightful and more adventurous.

Entry Fees :

Live your life to the fullest. Your best adventurous days are awaiting your presence to make one great story like never before. Ajanta Ellora caves are such destinations to experience your adventurous life to the fullest. 

Don’t just survive… Live…


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