Andaman Islands : 

Who doesn’t like their time in a Paradise…?

Well… you… you don’t just like it but love it.

The place you’d love to spend your quality time… The place you’d love to connect with the serenity of Mother Nature. The place where you’d forget the rest of the world and just enjoy the presence of yourself. The place that touches your soul as soon as you touch it with your feet. The place where you can enjoy the 5 Elements of Mother Nature to it’s absolute best.

If you are wondering if such a place truly exists. The answer is… yes…

Behold ‘The Great Andaman Islands’.

Andaman islands

‘Andaman Islands’ has every single thing I said about it. If you truly wanna escape from everything that’s really bothering you. I bet ‘Andaman Islands’, the best choice.

Andaman Islands are beautiful tropical green Island paradises with Clean and Clear Crystal Blue Water surrounding it. Seclusive just like you desire. Andaman Islands are some of the rare and best Islands that you can possibly visit in the whole world.

And some places in Andaman are beautifully rich in long-forgotten cultures that connect Mankind to Mother Nature, Rare History, Seclusiveness and Serenity of Mother Nature which makes it a must-visit place that adds the best colorful chapter in your life.

And here’s how you are gonna love it…

Port Blair :

The Capital City of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Port Blair is the gateway of these Islands. And this will be the 1st place in Andaman you’ll land on. And it’s gonna be absolutely beautiful… Trust me…

Since it’s the Capital, its gonna be a little packed. But don’t worry, there are tons of places for you to have your own Space and Serenity.

Accommodation varies from low-budget to highly expensive Super luxurious villas. You can pre-book your accommodation online. Accommodation is available in almost every part of the Andaman [So, it’s all yours to choose].

Well, after settling with your accommodation. There are these places in Port Blair that you must visit to make it a memorable one.

1. Ross Island [a.k.a Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island] :

If you wanna be Indiana Jones (or) Lara Craft for a day, this is the right place you wanna be. Because the entire history of the Ross Island sits in the ruins that are found here. It’s just truly fascinating to stroll in the ruins of history.

Ross island

Interesting Fact: ‘Ross Island’ was named after a British Maritime Surveyor – Sir Daniel Ross. The island was known as the ‘Paris of the East’ due to it’s natural and man-made beauty.

It’s really gonna be an adventurous stroll in this Island. These are some Pin-Point remains of history on Ross Island which you shouldn’t miss.

> Officer’s Quatres.
> Japanese Bunkers.
> Water-Treatment Plant.
> The Club House.
> Chief Commissioner’s Bungalow.
> The Church.
> The Cemetery.

All these places are the chapters that speak history of the Place. So don’t miss your one day adventure here.

There are dangerous animals on the Island. Do you wanna know which ones… Well, it’s Deers and Peacocks… haha Gotcha.

2. Samudrika Nava Marine Museum [a.k.a Naval Marine Museum] :

If you really do love and care for ocean and it’s eco-system. Then this place will definitely blow your mind. It’s a perfect place to know and see what ocean actually is and the various aspects of marine ecology.

The Museum is divided into five different galleries.

> History of Andaman Island.
> Geographical Information.
> Tribal Communities.
> Archeology.
> The Marine Life.

And there’s this Enormous Skeleton of a Blue Whale on display which’s the main attraction of the Museum. You can also be enlightened with the knowledge about the ocean.

Samudhrika nava marine museum

It holds one of the best aquariums with Ocean’s diverse Colorful Swimmers, Corals and much more.

3. Viper Island :

The Island’s full of venomous ‘Viper Snakes’

Just kiddin… It’s a small Island and the name ‘Viper Island’ is actually derived from the vessel H.M.S “Viper” in which Lt. Archibald Blair first come to this Island in 1789.

Well, the Island’s a forgotten history wreckage. You can visit to explore the Small Island. [Just like Indiana Jones / Lara Craft].

The Island’s situated near Post Blair’s harbor, which actually takes less than 30 minutes to reach from the Phoenix Bay Jetty.

4. Mount Harriet National Park :

It’s a beautiful must-visit place if you are a photoholic. Because ‘Mount Harriet’ has got some serious beauty spots, you don’t wanna miss.

Mount harriet national park

‘Mount Harriet’ [383m] is the 3rd highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago right next to Saddle Peak [732m] and Mount Thullier [568m].

It has the tribal-themed huts on top where you can rest, sleep for some time (or) if you just wanna spend some quality time to yourself.

It’s very quiet from buzzing human activities. All you can hear are the faint sound of the ripples of the waves from the distant beach, Sound of a cool breeze. You’ll just be immersed in the tranquility of Mother Nature.

Fun Fact: The Scenic picture on the backside of the Indian ‘₹20 note’ is taken from Mount Harriet.

5. Cellular Jail [a.k.a Kalapani] :

It was a colonial dark prison by the British to exile political prisoners of India during the struggle of Indian Independence.

Cellular jail [kalapani]

It’s now a memorial that’s present to remind the struggle of the great Indian Freedom fighters. It’s best to visit this place in the evening as there’s a special ‘Light and Sound Show’ every evening in Cellular Jail that displays the struggle of the prisoners and the Ruling of British in Andaman. I suggest you keep it [Cellular Jail] for the end of the day.

Well, these are some of the many amazing places for you to visit in Andaman.

‘Andaman Islands’ the best place to get lost with the tranquility of Mother Nature… if you really long for a break from everything… this is the place…

Some Safe Travel Tips just for you :

> Have your ID with you at all times as a precautional measure if you are asked for it [usually it’s not asked but it’s safe to keep it with you].

> Follow your pre-planned time-frame (or) you might just mess yourself up. As it’s easy to be lost in time in this beautiful Island.

> Stay well hydrated at all times.

> Wear a good pair of boots while exploring the historical ruins.

> If you feel very tired and can’t walk any more there are battery-operated golf cart available for rent to take you where ever you wanna go.

> Always wear comfortable clothing if you love exploring the Islands.

> There are certain charges for certain things.
* Entry to Ross Island – INR 30 per adult and toddlers below 5 yrs of age are free.
* Allowance for your Camera – INR 30-35.
* Allowance for Video Recorder – INR 75.

> If you are a foreigner, you need a RAP [Restricted Area Permit] to roam the Islands. And its easily given to you as soon as you enter Port Blair by flight (or) ship by the Immigration Authorities [Its valid for 30 days] (or) you can get these from the Indian Missions Authorities (or) Foreign Registration Offices in the key cities of India.

> If you are an Indian you don’t need any of these.

If you are keen to know more (or) willing to share some things… Why don’t you comment below… It’s that easy.

Have a happy Trip… Pal…

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