Trusted Contacts : 

Google has officially confirmed that its personal safety app – Trusted Contacts that helped the users share their location details with their parents, family, or friends in an emergency will stop working from December 02, 2020.

The app is officially made unavailable in the App Store and Google Play Store. But if the application is already installed on your device, you can continue to use it until December 01, 2020.

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Google launched ‘Trusted Contacts’ in 2016, with a goal to provide a way to track the location of the user by their friends or families in a time of emergency.

The app had been really helpful for the past few years by keeping an eye for safety on loved ones. But Google had updated this feature on Google Maps in 2017. This update of Google Maps made Trusted Contacts less reliable and was the beginning of its ending.

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The death of this app is the latest on Google’s scrapping list. Google+, Google Play Music, and Hangouts are also on the list to retire soon.

The search engine giant of the world is now extremely skilled at eliminating the weak performers of the online world and give back the most resonating app or feature for an uninterrupted flow in the chain of the internet era.

If you haven’t installed Trusted Contacts and keen to use it before the curtains roll down and feel what it is about to get axed by Google, you can download its latest version from here, but it’ll stop working on reaching this year’s December. Bet you still got time to see about it.

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