Falcon 9 :

It has become a routine for Elon Musk’s SpaceX to set new records.

Ever since NASA’s Space Shuttle Program halted in 2011, SpaceX has been helping the space organization with the transportation of astronauts and supplies to and from the Space Station.

SpaceX has successfully completed 22 space missions for NASA. This latest cargo delivery mission on-board Falcon 9 heavy-lift is the 23rd shot of the successful SpaceX-NASA partnership.

The Falcon 9 heavy lifter of SpaceX lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center carrying close to 4800 pounds of essential hardware and supplies in the Dragon Cargo Capsule for the 7 astronauts onboard the space station.

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Falcon 9’s first stage of the super-heavy booster descended back and successfully landed on their landing ocean platform, ‘A shortfall of Gravitas’ in the Atlantic ocean.

Falcon 9’s Dragon capsule carried several pounds of essentials needed for the researchers onboard space station.

The supply included lemons, avocados, ice cream, and cake as one of the astronauts, Megan McArthur turned 50 in space.

“No one’s ever sent me a spaceship for my birthday before. I appreciate it,” McArthur radioed after cargo arrival.

The supply also had plants, small flowering weeds (seeds from Mouse-ear Cress), and ants for research and experiment.

Robotic arms that were manufactured by a Japanese firm needed to take on daily chores and repairs were also carried onboard Dragon Capsule on Falcon 9.

The Company’s Chief Technology Officer stated that these robotic arms will even help in the future to mine on the moon’s surface.

Dragon Capsule is expected to stay docked with ISS for almost a month.

Falcon 9’s 1st stage landing was the 1st landing made on A Shortfall of Gravitas.

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