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It looks like rovers and orbiters are colonizing the red planet before we humans do. The race of sending probes and exploring Mars is fully-fledged.

Just after the historic milestone of the United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) Hope Probe reaching the Mars orbit on 9th February 2021, China’s Tianwen reached Mars on 10th February 2021, just the next day after Hope’s arrival.

These two milestones were followed by NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully landing in the Jezero Crater on the red planet on 18th February.

Well, it’s kind of overwhelming for the space-enthusiasts to cheer and celebrate.

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But what’s more exciting is that this extraordinary moment of Perseverance Rover touching the red planet has been perfectly recorded for the first time with its cameras onboard.

NASA has proudly released Perseverance Rover’s first-ever high-quality video footage of it perfectly touching down the surface of Mars.

In this extraordinary footage, you can have a look at the deployment of a red-and-white chute that opens up to an enormous 70.5-foot-wide canopy.

After satisfyingly fulfilling its purpose by protecting the Perseverance Rover during its entry into the red planet’s atmosphere, the heat shield detaches away from the capsule and finally Perseverance rover rolling out its wheels and touching Mars’ surface in a cloud of dust in the crater.

This moment was captured from 2 different points of view- one from the rover’s cam and one from the camera on the sky crane making it the 1st ever perfect video-footage of such landing.

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The quality of the video footage and images were so breathtaking – the team handling the Perseverance Rover stated that they felt like they experienced the ride along with the rover.

“It gives me goosebumps every time I see it, just amazing,” said Mr.Gruel, head of the entry and descent camera team.

Perseverance Rover has 25 cameras on it and is already beaming back thousands of images of the Jezero crater.

“These videos and these images are the stuff of our dreams,” said Al Chen, in charge of the landing team.

NASA has also released an audio clip of the sound of the red planet. In this recording, you can hear the faint whirring sound of the wind on Mars.

6 color cameras were dedicated to capturing the moment of Perseverance Rover’s entry, descent, and landing. Five of those cameras worked fine except one.

The microphone fitted failed to record the sound of landing, but it started recording after the touchdown, the sound of Perseverance Rover’s systems, and its surrounding sound of wind gusts.

Find out the mission of Perseverance

This mission cost a whopping $3 billion (₹ 21,710 crores), the costliest rover mission ever.

Perseverance rover is the most advanced rover to date. It will collect the soil samples and store them in the sample tubes for the next mission to retrieve them back.

These high-quality videos and images of Mars will help NASA prepare future manned-Mars exploration missions, experts stated.

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