Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, has officially joined the exclusive $2 trillion market capitalization club after a stellar earnings report that underscored the company’s formidable position in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI).

The company’s stock soared 10 percent on Friday, achieving its biggest single-day jump since July 2015, adding nearly $200 billion to its market capitalization. The surge propelled Alphabet’s valuation to an impressive $2.15 trillion, solidifying its place among the elite group of companies that have surpassed this monumental milestone.

The leap in Alphabet’s stock price followed a robust earnings report that exceeded expectations, buoyed by the strength of its cloud-computing division. The growing demand for AI played a significant role in the cloud business’s success, affirming Alphabet’s dominance in the tech industry. Investors were also encouraged by Alphabet’s announcement of a dividend and a $70 billion share buyback program.

“Alphabet is tremendously well-managed, its free cash flow is absolutely astonishing, and it has a massive R&D budget, so while no one knows which company will have the best AI products, this is a tough one to bet against,” said Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at Phoenix Financial Services.

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The stock’s meteoric rise comes amid a year-to-date gain of 23 percent, outpacing the Nasdaq 100 Index’s growth of 5.3 percent. Alphabet’s stock had previously breached the $2 trillion level on an intraday basis in 2021 and earlier this month, but this marks the first time it closed above the threshold. With this milestone, Alphabet joins a select group of companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, and Nvidia, that have achieved a $2 trillion market capitalization.

Despite the positive momentum, Alphabet’s journey to this landmark has faced challenges. The company encountered criticism regarding its AI offerings, with some investors questioning its ability to compete with firms like OpenAI, despite significant investments in AI over the years.

However, Alphabet’s latest earnings report seems to have dispelled those doubts, offering investors a strong signal that the company is poised to remain a major player in the AI space.

Wall Street remains broadly optimistic about Alphabet’s prospects, with nearly 85 percent of analysts tracked by Bloomberg recommending buying the stock. Both earnings and revenue are expected to grow at a double-digit pace annually through 2026.

One factor contributing to Alphabet’s attractiveness is its relative valuation. The stock trades around 23.5 times estimated earnings, making it one of the more affordable options among the so-called Magnificent Seven, and it trades at a discount to the Nasdaq 100.

With its solid financial performance, growing dominance in AI, and continued investor confidence, Alphabet’s ascent to the $2 trillion club represents a significant milestone in the tech industry. As the company continues to innovate and expand its reach, it is well-positioned to shape the future of technology and AI for years to come.


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