Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot 3rd Gen :

A smart home isn’t complete without a smart digital assistant. And smart assistant is getting smarter and smarter with the passing time.

Right now there are many smart speakers out there that make it hard to choose the right one. So, we decided to make it easy for you to choose the smart voice that suits you and your home sweet home.

Based on our survey and research, we have 2 winners stand-off for the title of the ‘best smart digital assistant’.

Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Both Google Home Mini and Echo Dot are good-looking with compact design, smart and super easy to use.

Google home mini vs echo dot

They both are always ready to update your queries on weather, traffic, sports, current news, stock market and much more. But these are some features that set them apart.

Google Home Mini :

With Google being familiar to almost everyone, Google Home Mini is the most popular smart speaker in the world with Google Assistant standing by to receive the command starting with the magical word ‘Ok Google’ (or) ‘Hey Google’.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation):

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the latest avatar of the smart digital assistants from Amazon.

It’s an evolved piece-of-tech of the Echo Dot series with classic ‘Alexa’ standing by to respond to the command given by saying her name ‘Alexa’.

Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Design :

Google Home Mini and Echo Dot are pretty much similar in size and shape with minor differences except the Echo Dot has a simple plastic top with fabric covering the sidewall and the Home Mini has the fabric covering the top of the device.

The top of Echo Dot has an LED status ring and physical buttons while Google Home Mini has LED status light dots on its roof surface.

Audio :

It is the key feature of any smart speaker and these both do not disappoint in it and stand up to their reputation.

Echo Dot has a bit of an upper hand in the audio-quality as the voice is more realistic than the Home Mini.

Microphone :

Both the devices work well at receiving the voice command. Yet again, Echo Dot (3rd Gen) tops with having 4 microphones for a longer range capacity to receive command which makes Echo Dot suitable for bigger rooms.

Control :

Google Home Mini has a touch sensor on the top for volume control. All you have to do is just tap on the sides to leverage the volume level and have a dedicated microphone switch on the back.

Echo Dot has a straight-forward approach with 4 buttons on its top-surface for volume control and microphone.

Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Features…

Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa have a lot to offer in their shells. Both Google Home Mini and Echo Dot are built for wi-fi connectivity (types 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac).

Their skills to deliver enhanced features like reading the news, the weather of your place, sense of humor, recipe reading, playing music through different connected media, calling others, receiving the guests and so on are up to the fullest capacity.

A small drawback of the Home Mini is that it is compatible with fewer music streaming services. And Google Home Mini is compatible with more than 30,000 smart home devices, Echo Dot tops with its compatible ability of more than 85,000 smart devices, nearly 3 times more than the Home Mini.

But the Google Assistant surpasses Amazon’s Alexa in functionality. The Google Assistant can perform your 2 commands simultaneously while Alexa just one at a time.

And the Google Assistant is excellent in finding accurate information with better accents and language than Alexa, all thanks to its ancient history of search.

External Connectivity :

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) has the privilege to connect to the external speakers with the 3.5 mm jack provided. While the Google Home Mini can’t.

But both have their own trump card…

Google Home Mini :

Google home mini

Google Assistant is the default smart digital assistant on most Android phones which is a plus point for the smart speaker’s compatibility.

> Google Assistant with features like the Google Chromecast can cast to cast-enabled devices.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) :

Amazon echo dot 3rd generation

Alexa is compatible with more smart devices than any other and best performs with Amazon Fire TV. Alexa is perfect for iOS users as it can connect to most Apple accounts. Echo Dot also comes with an LED digital clock on the sidewall.

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Final Thoughts :

Well, both smart speakers are truly user-friendly and perform well with smart assistants.

Google Home Mini is better for smaller rooms while Amazon’s Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is better for more spacious rooms.

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