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The world’s most played game is about to get an unlikely crossover.

According to the gadgets now report, the title of the most played console game online goes to the battle royale game Fortnite with 3,802,500,000 days or 10.4 million years of gaming time spent.

And now this mammoth of the gaming world will soon be getting a new crossover.

Epic Games, the parent of Fortnite is preparing to adapt Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy novel series Mistborn with an in-game-themed loading screen, skin, and other items.

Fortnite MistbornImage credit: Epic Games

Fortnite has seen almost every fantastic crossovers, from Predator, Terminator, Fall Guys, to every Marvel character and more.

But many weren’t expecting the crossover of Kelsier, The Survivor of Hathsin from the fantasy novel series.

Not that this epic fantasy is any lesser.

Mistborn: The Alloy of Law is my personal favorite of the series. The question arises because there are tons of other characters that have seen the big screen before Mistborn, I guess epic games have their way of introducing the characters. Epic Games’ most advanced character-creation tool “MetaHuman” Creator to assist creators to design the most realistic human characters and their facial expressions.

The author of the series, Brandon Sanderson himself was surprised when approached to talk about the adaptation of Mistborn in Fortnite.

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“Well, Donald Mustard (director of Fortnite) is a friend of mine. We worked on Infinity Blade together back in the day. So, he asked if I was interested in sticking Kelsier into the game — and I thought it was cool. So we’ve been working on that for a few months,” Sanderson wrote on Reddit.

The author also stated that this wasn’t the end and there’s still more crossover content to come, however, it won’t be much.

“Like I said (and several of you confirmed in this thread) it’s not something I expect my general fanbase to go crazy over — but it’s nifty.”

Once Fortnite is updated with the adaption the players can grab the Hemalurgic Spikes Back Bling, Kelsier skin, the Volcanic Glass Daggers Pickaxe, and a Kelsier-themed loading screen that is available in Fortnite’s item shop.

Sanderson stated that he was happy to work with the Fortnite team and the journey was fun.

“It’s just a little fun thing that I’m doing with my friend, who happens to have accidentally made one of the most popular games of all time,” he added.

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