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In the race towards modernization, we have fallen behind in caring for our planet. Earth’s natural resources are depleting faster than predicted because of the uncontrolled usage of fossil fuels, deforestation on an unparalleled scale, polluting oceans, unbounded mining, unchecked and extensive usage of groundwater, disrupting the delicate balance of the food-chain by rampant hunting, overfishing, and poisoning the environment with nuclear waste. As a result of all these, we are edging towards our annihilation.

According to the 5th Assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the current trend of Climate Change is mainly due to the humans’ exploitation of natural resources since the mid 20th century.

Climate clock to remind the world…

The devastating results of our actions have started popping out as intense droughts, wildfires, floods, famine, and more. It’s time to make the world understand what we have done to our planet.

Most people would be familiar with New York city’s Union Square and its large multi-numeral Digi clock embedded on its side known as Metronaut  that usually counts the hours, minutes, and seconds.

Artists Gan Galon and Andrew Boyd reprogrammed this clock into ‘Climate Clock’ coinciding with the beginning of climate week in New York City. This climate clock will be displaying the remaining time we have got to curb the climate change to its minimum.

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The red numbers display the number of years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds we have left to put a lid on the carbon emissions before it’s too late to do anything.

This critical “deadline” of the climate clock was set with calculations of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change.

Scientists say that a rise of just 1.5 degrees in the global temperature will set off the most destructive forces of nature like storms, sea-level rise, drought, wildfires, and more only intense.

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Based on the data of carbon usage, the researchers said that we have less than eight years to reach that threshold.

The artists installed the climate clock in NYC have also installed these climate clocks in Berlin and Paris.

The teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg also has a personal climate clock made by Boyd and Golan.

She tweeted a photo of her childhood with the statement – “how fast we’re racing in the wrong direction.

The ‘green number’ tracks the growing percentage of the planet’s energy currently available from renewable sources which represent our lifeline. In simple terms, it has to reach 100% before the ticking time next to it reaches zero.

It was and will always be our responsibility to carefully pass on this beautiful world to the next generation. We always failed to do so but let’s not anymore as we are on the clock now.

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