In an era where artificial intelligence is transforming our daily lives, DS Automobiles, a subsidiary of Stellantis, has marked a groundbreaking achievement by integrating ChatGPT, the celebrated AI chatbot, into its vehicles.

This pioneering move places DS Automobiles as the first auto company to seamlessly blend AI chatbot commands with the driving experience, revolutionizing the way we interact with our cars.

ChatGPT, introduced last year, quickly became a sensation as one of the most popular AI chatbots, offering dynamic and intelligent conversations. Now, it has taken a bold step forward by venturing onto the road in partnership with DS Automobiles.

In an official press release, Stellantis announced this remarkable feat, shedding light on the essential prerequisites and details for accessing this cutting-edge feature. To initiate this innovative integration, DS Automobiles is set to roll out ChatGPT to the first 20,000 registered users in a pilot phase.

DS Automobiles’ integration of ChatGPT empowers users to receive precise and immediate answers while on the road. Much like the familiar AI companions, Alexa and Siri, DS Automobiles’ AI chatbot elevates the in-car experience, making it more interactive and intuitive.

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This integration is set to commence with a pilot phase that spans six months, offering exclusive access to those 20,000 registered users. To engage with ChatGPT through DS vehicles, users will need to be driving one of the following models: DS 3, DS 4, DS 7, or DS 9, equipped with an active DS IRIS system.

Activating this feature is as simple as uttering the phrase “OK IRIS” after pressing the dedicated button on the steering wheel. One of the most compelling aspects of DS Automobiles’ integration of ChatGPT with the DS IRIS SYSTEM is its accessibility.

For the initial six months, this feature will come at no extra cost to the first 20,000 registered users who make a vehicle purchase from the specified range of cars between October 19 and February 29. Activating this system can be done conveniently through the DS Services Store.

The initial phase of this integration will be limited to European regions, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. To cater to a diverse user base, the feature will be available in the national languages of these countries, ensuring a seamless and localized experience.

This move not only marks a significant milestone in AI integration but also highlights the progressive approach of DS Automobiles in enhancing the driving experience. As ChatGPT continues to evolve and extend its reach, this collaboration exemplifies the ever-expanding horizons of AI technology.

To recap, ChatGPT, the AI chatbot, first made waves when it launched in November of the previous year. Its integration into DS vehicles represents a pioneering step that promises to redefine the relationship between drivers and their cars.

Whether you’re on a leisurely drive or navigating the urban landscape, ChatGPT is now set to be your AI co-pilot, offering real-time assistance and engaging conversation.

As technology and automotive innovation converge, DS Automobiles’ bold initiative ushers in a new era of intelligent, interactive vehicles, giving a glimpse into the exciting future of AI on the road.


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