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It’s not a big secret that this century is plowed for the next-gen technology, and the big tech giants are in the race, pouring in millions and millions of dollars into their research and development programs to become the leading tech innovators.

In recent years, with the evolution of technology the under-display fingerprint sensing technology has become the norm for Android Smartphones, almost every smartphone that is rolling out now has an under-display biometric scanner.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is highlighting one such technology design that’s developed in its lab.

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Xiaomi recently got approved of a patent for a new generation of fingerprint sensing technology – a full-screen under-display fingerprint scanner that can unlock the smartphone by placing the thumb anywhere on the display.

Adaptation of this technology gets us a step closer to the futuristic sci-fi-like world. The user wouldn’t have to tilt or rotate the phone to reach the fingerprint sensor, thus eliminating that split-second uneasiness to unlock the phone.


According to a report by Gizmochina, Xiaomi applied for a patent for its ‘full-screen under-display fingerprint sensing’ technology on January 4th at the Chinese national patent database.

The report stated that this technology works using infrared LEDs transmitters and receivers, built between a capacitive touch-screen layer and AMOLED display.

When the finger’s placed on the display, the LED transmitters read the fingerprint using the capacitive touch-screen, and the read data is processed by the infrared light receivers to match the stored data to unlock the device.

Reports claim that Xiaomi is also working on new under-display camera technology. No further details of the technology were available.

However, Xiaomi isn’t the only company that’s after the under-display technology, Huawei in August 2020 had applied for similar full-screen fingerprint technology in Japan, India, China, the U.S, Europe, and Korea. Apple is also claimed to be working on its own all-screen fingerprint technology for its future devices.


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