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Quarantine of Humanity :

Note: Please stay indoor at all costs to avoid the infection…

Since the Coronavirus Outbreak first began in China, it has infected almost 3.8 million people and killed more than 265,657 people across the world, and the count is still on the rise.

COVID-19 has cast its dark shadow in almost every single country on the planet making the countries take desperate measures before it could make the situation any worse beyond imagination. But, some countries are already devastatingly hit by this coronavirus pandemic.

Countries under the inevitable quarantine of humanity :

Spain is hit with more than 256,855 infected cases with death toll crossing 26,070.

Italy has now more than 214,457 infected cases with 29,684 succumbing to the infection.

The United States of America has 1.2 million reported cases with 74,809 people losing their lives to this deadly virus making it the epicentre of the pandemic.

Germany now has 168,162 infected and the death toll reaches 7,275 (its mortality rate is 4.3%, compared to other European countries).

Iran, France, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and other countries are fighting to avoid this devastating blow.

These severely affected countries have completely locked down their territories making the ever-busy cities look apocalyptic. The whole world is witnessing the massacre of mankind.

Cities in quarantine

Quarantine of humanity brings Nature back to life…

It’s quite hard to see the bright side of this catastrophic event but there is a silver line.

China, where the outbreak 1st began has permanently banned the wildlife trade for food(but now the stubborn country has reopened its wet market against the world’s opposition).

The pandemic has drastically slowed down the fast-paced world, some regions see record-breaking low emissions in decades.

According, to the BBC report, Carbon monoxide emission from vehicles has been reduced by 50% compared to the previous year and Co2 dropped by 5-10% in New York.

Prof. Róisín Commane from Columbia University said, “New York has had exponentially high Carbon monoxide numbers for the last year and a half and this is the cleanest. I have ever seen it. It’s less than half of what we normally see in March.”

According, to the Carbon Brief research report, the quarantine of humanity has reduced automobile usage and industrial activity, there was a 25% reduction in energy usage and toxic gas emission in China in a span of just 2 weeks which actually contributes to 1% reduction in China’s entire year’s Co2 emissions.

NASA’s satellite images reveal a significant drop in Nitrogen dioxide (No2).

NASA revealing decrease of no2 in atmosphereImage courtesy: NASA

With 20 million visitors every year, Venice in Italy is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. It is now one of the emptiest places too due to the quarantine of humanity.

And it did reveal some hidden beauty of the city. The waters of the Venetian canals were crystal clear with tiny fishes visible swimming around.

Some people captured those beautiful moments and shared with the world to rejoice the moment in times of hardship.

Venice after quarantine

Due to the quarantine of humanity across the country, the air quality in the Lombardy region of Italy was significantly improved as the usage of fossil fuels has drastically reduced.

This is a clear sign from Mother Nature trying to show us the extent of our abuse on the eco-system and to correct our neglected actions on over-exploitation of natural resources and to co-exist alongside the rich bio-diversity.

If we do not heed to these signs of nature, this might just be the tip of the ice-berg heading towards the annihilation of humanity.

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