The Ocean Cleanup :

The Ocean Cleanup is readying its updated cleanup system – System 03: The most advanced Innovative Approach to Solving Plastic Pollution in the Oceans.

In July 2021, System 02, also known as “Jenny” was released in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch located between Hawaii and California to test the efficiency of the system, and The Ocean Cleanup successfully evaluated the proof of clearing 28 tons of floating plastics from the ocean.

The Ocean Cleanup is a Dutch non-profit organization founded in 2013 by a young Dutch inventor Boyan Slat, the organization is dedicated to removing plastic from the ocean, and its aim is to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040.

The organization is all set to launch System 03, the scaled-up version of System 02 to achieve the mission.

System 03 is an autonomous, solar-powered cleaning system that is capable of collecting plastic debris from the ocean. The system is made up of 2,400 meters wide U-shaped floating barrier, three times the size of System 02 which uses the natural forces of the ocean to collect plastic debris.

The barrier is fitted with a skirt that hangs beneath the surface of the water, collecting plastic as it moves with the current. Once the plastic is trapped within the system, it is lifted onto a platform where it can be removed and transported for recycling. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch holds more than 100 million kilograms of plastic.

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One of the unique features of System 03 is its advanced ability to navigate and avoid obstacles in the ocean. The system is equipped with sensors and cameras that allow it to detect and avoid large objects, such as ships or marine life, in its path. This technology ensures that the system can operate safely and effectively without causing harm to the environment.

Recently, Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of Airbnb donated $25 million to the cause. Boyan Slat stated that this is the biggest donation the organization has received since its launch and the funds would be used to accelerate the program.

“Size does matter when it comes to ocean cleanup systems. The scaleup will just copy and paste, It’s the same ocean… It’s going to be a big money challenge to raise money to do this, secure the partners, but the cleanup itself, scaling, should be relatively straightforward,” said Slat in a report.

The launch of System 03 is the culmination of years of research and development by The Ocean Cleanup team. Slat was inspired to start The Ocean Cleanup after he learned about the massive amounts of plastic pollution in the ocean and its harmful effects on marine life.

Since its inception, The Ocean Cleanup has developed several innovative technologies and launched multiple systems to tackle plastic pollution in the ocean. System 03 is the latest and most advanced system to date, with the potential to collect up to 150,000 kilograms of plastic per year.

The launch of System 03 is an exciting development in the fight against plastic pollution in the ocean. The Ocean Cleanup is setting a new standard for environmental innovation, and its technology has the potential to make a significant impact on the health of our oceans.

With continued research and development, The Ocean Cleanup may be able to expand its operations to other areas of the ocean, further reducing the amount of plastic pollution in our waters.

However, it’s important to note that The Ocean Cleanup’s technology is only one part of the solution to plastic pollution. It’s crucial that individuals, governments, and businesses take action to reduce plastic waste and prevent it from entering the ocean in the first place.

By working together, we can make a real difference in protecting the health of our oceans and the life that depends on them.


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