King of Comedy, Steve Harvey :

Hard work is an engine to the vehicle of Success.

Everybody wants success but refuses to pay what it takes to taste it. Only a few strong believers who refused to back off have truly tasted the taste of success. And this is about one such strong believer.

A name that’s familiar to those who love ‘sense of humor’, a name that puts a smile on the face of toddlers when heard. It’s the name that has inspired 1000s of dreamers and believers.

Steve Harvey
King of Comedy

Steve harvey

That’s right, the only person who has won millions of hearts all around the world with his unique ‘sense of humor’.

Steve Harvey, the chief of comedy is truly a man of vision. He is a TV host, millionaire, entrepreneur, author, and producer making millions of dollars a month. He is the 5th richest TV host. It really does feel great to have all these titles.

But all these required a rock-hard determination and hope in himself to achieve it.

Steve Harvey wasn’t an overnight success. He made money to work for him. And to do that he has gone through years of struggle and disappointment.

Steve Harvey’s journey from rags to riches :

Steve Harvey grew up in East 112th Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

Fun Fact: East 112th Street is renamed as ‘Steve Harvey Way’ in 2015 in honor of his achievement.

Since his childhood, Steve dreamt of nothing but to be on TV. It was a bright burning dream that nobody could see, and to make that a reality he had to go through a ton of bad days. He was eventually discouraged and humiliated by his own teacher on knowing his dream as he had a severe stuttering problem at that time.

But the ‘burning fire’ to achieve his dream was greater than the discouragement and humiliations he had ever faced.

It was just the beginning of his bad days. He strongly believed Einstein’s words, “your imagination is everything, it’s the preview to life’s coming attractions”. And he imagined nothing else but being on TV.

Before the beginning of his career in the world of Entertainment. He worked as an Insurance salesman, autoworker, mailman, carpet cleaner, etc. He tried 11 different jobs. He literally had walked through the valley of failures in his life in order to make his best days. Steve Harvey was once so broke that he had to live in his car for 3 years. All he owned at that time was just in 2 bags.

A phone call that changed Harvey’s life forever :

During his initial days, he suffered a lot and almost gave up on his dream as he couldn’t bear it anymore. Just as he was about to call his dad to ask him if he could come back to his home and settle normal for a job. Seconds before doing it, Steve got a phone call from a guy named ‘Chuck’ from “Showtime at the Apollo” offering him a gig in the show.

Steve had no words, he just sat there and cried. As he finally had a chance to be on TV but couldn’t get there as he was in Florida, homeless and had nothing but $35 in hand. And the show was in New York. It was his 1st chance ever to be on TV and was broke as hell to get there.

Without losing hope, he called back Chuck to make sure if it would be the coming week. But sadly it was just 2 days left for the show. And as he was ready to hang up, there popped a message.

It said, “Steve Harvey, this is Tom Sobel from the Comedy Caravan if you are anywhere close to Jacksonville, Florida, if you can get there Friday night, I got $150 for you.” It was a lifeboat to his sinking dream. He drove to Jacksonville in his car to perform and was awarded $150 for his outstanding performance.

Steve Harvey did so good that the guy asked him to perform another night. He had $300 in total. With that money, he rushed and flew to New York and gave his best in ‘Showtime at the Apollo’. It was his 1st appearance on TV. And there was no turning back after… And the rest is history. Steve Harvey is now one of the most successful TV hosts.

Steve Harvey’s shows…

> The Steve Harvey Show.
> The Steve Harvey Morning Show.
> Steve Harvey Talk Show.
> Family Feud.
> Celebrity Family Feud.
> Little Big Shots.
> Little Big Shots, Forever Young.
> Steve Harvey Funderdome.

He has received 5 Daytime Emmy Awards, 14 NAACP Image Awards in various categories and many more. Today, he is one of the most successful people in the whole world.

His amazing story teaches us to just try harder and harder, do not quit until you step on it. Do not ever give up on your dream till your last breath. A single moment can change your entire life just like Steve Harvey’s did.

Never hesitate to do what you love…

Not only did Steve Harvey overcome his stuttering problem but he also proved that a small kid with determination and hope can achieve the impossible one day.

You have to be ready to plunge into the steepness of failure before rising up like a Phoenix.

The path of success is always filled with challenges. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Only the toughest of the toughest who never ever give up on their dreams can truly make their dream come true.

Remember the only limit to your success is your imagination. If you truly ‘want’ it, you must strongly ‘will’ it. If you strongly ‘will’ it, it will be yours.

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