Meaning Of Hesitation In My Life : 

The true meaning of “Hesitation” struck me for the 1st time when I was doing my graduation.

Hesitation = Regret your whole life

There was an angel on campus who could literally knock down any guy just with her bewitchingly beautiful look.

> She was like the Queen Bee of a Beehive.
> The Silver lining of the Dark Cloud.
> The Moon and Stars filled night sky… She was all these to me.

Most of the guys were ready to sacrifice anything just to get her number. Even though a grand palace was built just for her in my heart, I was so damn scared to talk to her. As days rolled on, we were finally in for our Prom Night. And it was the night I learned the true meaning of hesitation in my life.

We boys were dressed up no lesser than James Bond. And the girls were like Angels.

And I’m sure they’d have taken hours to get that gorgeous angel look. And among those angels came the Goddess of my heart.

Her ‘ravishing beauty’ was way beyond words I could possibly explain… My damn eyes were fixed on her like a Sniper’s eye fixed on a target. But on some occasions when she looked at me, my heart would skip a beat and I’d quickly avert my eyes. I think you too have experienced such kind of a situation.

By the end of Prom Night’s party when everybody was heading back to their home and so was I.

I noticed her standing under a tree and trying to give me a hint to talk to her by staring at me and waiting with expectation in her eyes.

And damn me, at that moment did I hesitate to approach her. I still don’t know why, but I was scared to death to talk. At that instant, I hesitated to talk to her. And the moment slipped my hand. Her friends caught up with her and moved on.

And that one moment of ‘Hesitation’ made me regret my whole life. I repent about the night I realized the true meaning of hesitation each and every day. And this is how hesitation ruins some of the most beautiful days of your life.

So, I don’t want you to hesitate to do whatever you truly love because sometimes hesitation may ruin your whole life.

Well, If you hesitate to jump into a Piranha infested river. I think you aren’t stupid. But if you hesitate to jump into a Crystal Clear and nice Lagoon from the fear of monsters when there are none and all you love is swimming, You are definitely more than just stupid.

Don’t try to seek the meaning of hesitation in real life…

Don’t you dare turn your back on what you love under any damn situation. And if you think doing what we love doesn’t gonna add to you anything in the society. Let me enlighten you…

> Michael Jackson, Legendary Popstar, Best Singer the world has ever seen, King of the Pop-world. All these titles he earned was because he just loved what he did. And even after his death, the number of adorers from all over the world is still on the rise.

Michael jackson and christiano ronaldo

> Christiano Ronaldo, The living legendary Soccer player. Since his childhood, Soccer was his only love. And his love towards Soccer has bought him to where he is today. He is one of the best and top paid athletes in the world and has fans from all over the Planet.

You know… I could go on all day long with this. But what truly matters the most is ‘you’ taking a leap of faith to make things come true about what you love without hesitation.

If you love ‘Dancing’ then just go for it… Do you have any idea how many people are living a king-size life just by dancing…!

If you love to ‘Cook’ food, just do it… Do you know how many people are making millions just by Cooking?

See the world with your very own eyes. Just look at the people who did what they truly loved to do without hesitation and look at where they are now. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey

Live your life like you want to live without any Hesitation (or) Regret. Life’s too short to have any of them. Don’t you dare ‘hesitate’ to do what you love and try to realize the meaning of hesitation.

And I’m keen to know what you love to do… So, why don’t you just comment below to show us what you truly love.

Chetan Raj

I'm a writer, entrepreneur, and traveler obsessed with technology, travel, science, and the world we are living in. I realized the value of 'true knowledge' for the 1st time in my graduation which is one of the many reasons to create this magnificent platform...


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    The Hoard Planet · December 3, 2019 at 17:50

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