‘Reon Pocket’ Body AC : 

As temperatures soar higher and higher every year, hot sweaty days are getting longer and longer.

Your sweaty situation might sometimes spoil your day and pretty much mess up your whole appearance [Especially Ladies].

The wrath of the soaring heat and the rising body temperatures are a deadly combo to have a Heatstroke.

Deadly Fact: According to ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’, Heat Stroke tops the list of weather-related deaths.

It’s very much important to maintain the body temperature to avoid such dangerous situations.

With all these factors in mind, the customer electronics giant ‘Sony’ has come up with an ingenious wearable device to tackle it.

Reon Pocket
Staying ‘Cool’ when its hot won’t be a problem anymore…

Sony’s Reon Pocket completes the phrase ‘Staying Cool’… Never did the phrase be more meaningful. This wearable technology redefines the perspective of ‘Air Conditioner [AC]’.

Reon Pocket of Sony will be the 1st of its kind and will be the world’s smallest portable AC.

Reon pocket portable air conditioner

> It’s the size of a cardholder.
> It reduces the discomfort caused due to varying temperature in hot summer outing, packed crowd, winter cold outing, etc.

When will it be launched…?

As the crowdfunding campaign for ‘Reon Pocket’ is successfully completed. Sony has announced that the launch will be on March 2020.

It will be 1st launched only in Tokyo [Japan]. It would be a compliment after the most anticipated Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

How does it work…?

Reon Pocket is a revolutionary next-gen piece of tech that has changed the perspective of Air Conditioner.

> It’s a wearable Air Conditioner that slips right into an internal pocket at the base of the neck of a special t-shirt as it’s just the size of a Billfold.
> This stealthy device won’t actually condition the air like the usual standard ACs at home.

Wearable air conditioner reon pocket

> It rather sits on the base of the neck and employs the Peltier Effect [It’s a process where the heat gets absorbed (or) emitted by the device when a short & low electrical pulse is passed] to either reduce your body temperature by 13°C [23°F] (or) raise it up-to 8°C [14°F] to warm you up when it’s chilling.
> You can wear any kind of outfit over the device which will stay secure in an internal pocket of a special t-shirt.

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It comes in 2 versions…

1. Reon Pocket Lite.
2. Reon Pocket Standard.

> Pocket ‘Lite’ is cheaper than Pocket ‘Standard’ as it comes only with the manual mode operation.
> Pocket ‘Standard’ is equipped with an upper hand feature. The temperature can be regulated using a mobile app. “The future update will have an automatic mode”, said by Sony reps.

Reon pocket mobile application

> The Reon App is pretty impressive. It supports both iOS and Android. The device can be connected to the app via ‘Bluetooth’.
> It has a USB-C type charger.
> The battery life of the ‘Reon Pocket’ is just 2 hours.

The price of Reon Pocket varies from ¥12,766 [$117] – ¥9,030 [$175] depends on the version.

Right now, all you need to do is wait for it and stay tuned for further updates. 

This is a sponsored post with Sony. All the opinions are 100% our own…
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Tom Daly · June 15, 2020 at 21:14

The Reon Pocket sounds great…

Jose Sousa · July 23, 2020 at 17:07

The Reon Pocket sounds great. The problem is that there is no app for IOS in Europe!

Assaf Rovner · August 18, 2020 at 20:46

Sounds very impressive if it exists in the market… do you have any idea about it?

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