Samsung Galaxy S20 :

The house of Samsung was planning big to introduce its flagship phone ‘Samsung Galaxy S20’ to the world.

It was plotted to reveal in Samsung’s big Galaxy unpacked event scheduled on 11th February 2020. But unfortunately for the South Korean tech giant, the cat is out of the bag.

On Tuesday, the house of Samsung unintentionally revealed its star of the show ‘Galaxy S20’ in its very own website Samsung Deutschland.

The picture of Galaxy S20 was accidentally displayed while showcasing the ‘LED Covers’.

Samsung galaxy s20 frontImage source: WinFuture

A site named Win Future has captured the screenshots of the device before the company could take down its revealed pictures.

Apparently, one’s misfortune is another’s fortune. This unexpected unveiling of Galaxy S20 is actually a treat to those who were waiting for a sneak peek.

Spoiler alert: The name of this next-gen Galaxy S series phones as ‘Galaxy S20’ is also strongly confirmed in the leak.

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Despite the fact of spoiling the surprise, the leak did give us some useful information. It indeed revealed some of the most interesting features of Samsung Galaxy S20.

According to the leaked picture, the device flaunts a 6.2” Infinity-O screen that has 120 Hz display and supports 5G.

The top and bottom of the display have ultra-slim bezels with curved edges on the sides.

The Galaxy S20 is equipped with a triple rear camera of 12 MP Main camera lens, 64 MP Telephoto lens, and 12 MP Ultra-wide lens perfectly positioned in a rectangular-shaped module.

The front camera is placed at the top-center of the screen in kind of a hole-punch configuration.

Samsung galaxy s20 backImage source: WinFuture

Samsung has improved the outlook of Galaxy S20 with LED cover unlike any other device before. The cover is coated with small LEDs that kind of look like a star-filled ‘night sky.’ It is also said that the cover can display countdown while snapping a shot. But let’s see how true are all these…

And most of the gadget-lovers’ fingers are crossed with the hope of getting the taste of Samsung’s all-new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip.

All you have to do is wait for the event to see how much of the expectations and facts are fulfilled.

Samsung Galaxy S20 :

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