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Smartphones are evolving faster than expected. A wave of the next-gen change is already in motion with ‘foldable smartphones’ making more noise than ever before.

The big daddies of smart devices were quick to grab this revolutionary change happening in the world of smartphones and are now launching Foldable Smartphones with innovative features in a race to win the crown of the best selling brand in the world.

Xiaomi is one of those big daddies but unlike other smartphone companies, it isn’t launching the foldable device but a unique generation of smartphones.

Mi Mix Alpha
5G Surround Display Smartphone

Mi mix alphaImage source/screen capture: Youtube

Its a unique entity of the next-gen smartphones. Xiaomi has been working on Mi Mix Alpha for many years to create an experience unlike any other smart device.

The company has built the device with the ‘future’ in mind. The Mi Mix has the ‘surrounded display’ in which the entire body of the phone is fused to become a single display and has no physical buttons on it.

To be more specific, the phone itself looks like one complete display. Xiaomi claims that this device is the successor of Mi Mix 3. And just like the Surrounded Display, the device also has several interesting features.

What makes Mi Mix Alpha unique than other smartphones…?

Mi Mix is the flag bearer of next-gen smartphones. The ‘Surround Display’ that has no boundaries is the key feature of the device.

It’s a flexible bezel-less OLED 7.92” screen that completely wraps the phone’s body. As of right now, this is the only surround-screen smartphone on the planet. It comes with a monstrous 108MP Samsung camera sensor, and the sides of the phone are free from buttons and have the pressure sensors instead.

Cool features of Mi Mix Alpha…

Futuristic Display :

Mi Mix’s screen is a true display of stunning ingenuity that looks totally futuristic. It’s a massive 7.92” flexible OLED screen with a screen resolution of 2088×2250 pixels.

The display extends beyond the side frame replacing the physical buttons to display the phone status, and has pressure sensors instead of volume and lock keys, and covers the back to display the most used and recent apps for easy access.

The manufacturer claims that the near future display can perform AI-powered functions like it can show the real-time route and guide the user while traveling (or) display the boarding-pass to automatically grant access to the user.

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Sensors :

Mi Mix Alpha is unbeatable when it comes to the sensors. It has the most innovative ‘in-screen’ fingerprint sensor technology for the smooth and seamless access of the device.

It comes with the builtin humidity and air quality sensors to keep the user updated about his/her surroundings. It has more sensors than any other smartphone out there.

Camera :

The device comes with a triple camera setup on the back.

1. 20MP Ultra-wide-angle camera with Sony IMX350 that has a 1.0 m 1/2.8 image sensor, laser focus.
2. 12MP Telephoto camera for zooming that also supports ‘dual face detection’ focus.
3. 108MP Ultra-high resolution camera equipped with Samsung HMX technology that supports 12032×9024 Ultra-high resolution.

It does not have a selfie camera on the front…

Performance and Storage :

Mix Alpha is one of the fastest performing smartphones in the world with its Snapdragon 855+ processor that is designed to flow seamlessly with the 5G technology. It also has the latest and ultrafast UFS 3.0 flash storage.

The device is equipped with a powerful 12GB RAM and comes with 512GB of internal storage capacity. These features make the device insanely fast.

Battery :

This is one of the key features of Mi Mix. It has a 4050 mAh battery made up of nano-silicon based Lithium-ion for better energy efficiency and safety, built for incredibly fast charging.

The device can be charged in condition as low as -10°C, this is the 1st for any smartphone to accomplish such a feature.

Key features of Mi Mix Alpha :

> This smartphone has broken the limit of the curved display with its innovative ‘screen-lamination technology’ for the most immersive surface-experience.
> The built-quality is on a whole new level as they have used aerospace-grade Titanium alloy that is 3 times stronger than the regular stainless steel.
> It is also built using one of the hardest materials, the Sapphire Glass for ultra-durability.
> The device performs with Android OS but what makes it unique is that it has its own ‘Alpha User Interface’.
> The main camera acts as both rear and front camera in which the user can capture full HD+ resolved images.

This is one of the unique gadgets out there…

Mi Mix Alpha Specifications :

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