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“The house of Samsung” has bought in the game-changing piece of tech for its 10th year’s grand anniversary of Galaxy series.

Samsung galaxy fold

The brand new and exclusive ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold’.

First Gen Gadget of the truly next Gen world. If you are familiar with ‘Tron-Legacy’, one of the best science-fiction movies ever made.

You would have an idea of what the ‘Next Gen’ world would be like. And ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold’ reminds me of ‘Tron-level’ advancement in technology as of right now.

And I think Samsung ‘G’ Fold is the flag bearer of the truly advanced future world. And these cool features made me agree with the above statement.

Check it out…

Hot looking Master Double Display :

Samsung ‘G’ Fold gives you a seamless experience of both Mobile and Tablet unlike any other before.

Samsung galaxy fold 1

> Main Display :

This cool feature is what sets it apart from the Group. It’s the core and unique feature.

When the device is unfolded, it unveils the magnificent 7.3″ [154.5 cm2] QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED Display that gives you immersive visuals of everything.

Screens are the windows to the world. Well, in this case, you’ll get a pretty big one. It gives you the best of the best experiences like never before with its infinite flex display.

Samsung galaxy fold display

[It’s like a Tablet hidden in your mobile phone]. With Seamlessly Smooth resolution Sam Gal Fold lives up to its reputation in every single aspect.

> Cover Display :

It’s a Satisfying and Compact 4.6″ HD+ Super AMOLED Display which comes in handy when you are on the go. Just like Sam Gal S10 and S10+ [But not in size of the screen] Galaxy Fold’s cover Display is a bit small.

This Is Cool and Interesting :

> App Continuity :

This elusive special feature makes it possible for a seamless app transition from screen to screen without skipping a beat / disturbing your moment.

> Multitasking :

The main screen is so large that you can seamlessly use 3 apps simultaneously.

Samsung galaxy fold multitasking

For example, you can watch a video on Youtube and can text your friend on Whatsapp at the same time and track your Ordered Food through Google Maps. All these at once in one Giant Screen. It’s a never before experience on a Smartphone.

> Hinge System :

Manufacturers claim that with their Superadvanced and sophisticated Hinge System, the Centre of the Main Screen remains unwrinkled even after hundreds of thousands of folding and unfolding. The upcoming device will double the usage period.

Samsung hinge system

> Gift From You-tube :

I don’t know how many of you appreciate it. But every Galaxy Fold user’s gonna get access to ‘You-tube Premium’ for free…

Camera System :

It has a 6 camera system [the only thing that’s missing is a tripod… haha].
Camera for every angle.

3 on the Back [Rear].
2 on the Inside [Main Screen].
1 on the Front [Cover Screen].
And these Cameras are perfectly perfect to capture a Masterpiece.

2 Main Screen Cameras and 1 Cover Screen Cam :

2 Main Screen Cameras are equipped with Classic 10MP+8MP.
1 Cover Screen Cam is a single 10MP Camera.

These Cameras gives you an opportunity to record in Pro-grade HDR10+ [Highest definition for a video recording on Mobile Phones].

Rear Cameras :

The primary back Cam is equipped with a sensor, Triple Cameras, and Flash.

Samsung fold triple camera

> Ultra Wide.
> Wide.
> Telephoto.

These cool rear cameras allow you to capture the moments perfectly on a screen just like a pro…

Video Stabilization :

It lets you shoot a high motion video without any disturbance (or) motion sickness.

Advanced Scene Optimizer [ASO] :

Sam Gal Fold is equipped with ASO that intelligently analyses the surrounding to adjust the optimistic colors around the focused object.

Advanced scene optimizer

Fingerprint Sensor :

Unlike Sam Gal S10 and S10+, the fingerprint sensor is not on the screen but side mounted. Which makes the accessibility quite easy to lock and unlock. Oh… and its a power button too [Claims to provide vault-like Security].

Intelligent Battery Management [IBM] :

It has two batteries rather than just one mounted on each side of the fold they act as a single Power Source. So don’t be confused there’s just one USB charge point for those 2 batteries combined.

It has a combined 4380 mAh Non-removable Li-Po battery [I think it should have been a bit more to its level].

IBM is designed to automatically manage your battery power. So I’d ask you to worry less about it.

Fast Battery Charging 18W.

A Signature Feature of Latest Galaxy Series :

Well, just like Galaxy S10 and S10+, Galaxy Fold has the revolutionary wireless power share feature giving you the chance to share your battery power with other wearables and phones [All you need to do is just keep the device on the back of the mobile to charge].

Samsung power sharing

Performance :

To execute all these tasks smoothly, Galaxy Fold needs an unparalleled and unprecedented performance.

And it’s built to do just that with state of the art 12GB RAM and 7nm processor, which makes it one of the most powerful smartphones in hand.

It doesn’t just end there, it has a whopping 512 Gigs of Internal Storage and for the 1st time on mobile devices that supports the Universal Flash Storage 3.0. Which means you’ll be reading the data twice as fast as most other smartphones making it incredibly quick and responsive.

Best Buddy With Upgrade :

“Bixby” is here to assist you at all means with advanced intelligence up-gradation. “Bixby” is precisely upgraded not just to unlock your phone just with your voice Gesture but to totally serve your Voice Command.

You know, I could go on all day with a description of this NextGen device but that’s gonna make it a lecturing class which I think has already done it.

So, just take a quick walk in the part below…

Samsung Galaxy Fold

> Android Pie 9.0
> Interanal Storage : 512GB [with Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.0]
> RAM – 12GB
> Main Display : 7.3 inches [Super QXGA+]
> Cover Display : 4.6 inches [HD+ Super AMOLED Display]
> Samsung Pay [Visa, MasterCard Certified – Built in].
> No Micro SD Slot.

Screen Display :

> Main Screen – 7.3″ [QXGA+, Dynamic AMOLED Display].
> Cover Screen – 4.6″ [HD+, Super AMOLED Display].
> Resolution – 1536×2152 pixels.

Cam Features :

6 Camera System.

Triple Rear Cameras [12MP+12MP+16MP]

> Telephoto Camera – 12MP [PDAF, OIS]
Pixel Size – 1.0um [aperture] – f/2.4.

> Wide Angle Camera – 12MP
Super Speed Dual Pixel AF, OIS.
Pixel Size – 1.4um.
Dual Aperture – f/1.5 mode f/2.4 mode.

> Ultra Wide Camera – 16MP
Pixel Size – 1.0um
F.No [aperture] f/2.2.

Capacity: LED Flash, HDR, Panorama.
Video: 2160p@30/60fps.

Dual Front Cameras [when unfolded] 10MP+8MP.

> Selfie Camera – 10MP
Pixel Size – 1.22um [aperture] – f/2.2

> RGB Depth Camera – 8MP
Pixel Size – 1.12um [aperture] – f/1.9

Cover Camera [when Folded] 10MP.

> Selfie Camera – 10MP
Pixel Size – 1.22um [aperture] – f/2.2

Capacity: Depth Sensor, HDR.
Video: 1080p@30fps.

Special Features :

> Sensors – Fingerprint sensor [Side-Mounted], Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Compass, Barometer, Heart Rate.

> Browser – ANT+
‘Bixby’ Natural Language Commands and Dictation.
Samsung Dex [Desktop Experience Support].

Connectivity Features :

> Network Type – GSM/HSPA/LTE.
> Supported Network – 3G/4G, LTE, GSM, HSPA.
> Internet Connectivity – 5G/4G, WiFi-6, GPRS, WAP.
> Bluetooth Support.
> NFC Included.
> No Radio.
> USB 3.1, Type-C 1.0 Reversible Connector.

Battery :

> Non-Removable Li-Po Dual Batteries [Act as Single Power Source] – 4380mAh.
> Fast Battery Charging – 18W.
> Powershare via Wireless @ 9W.

Color Variants :

Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green, Astro Blue.

Samsung color varients

Well, I think you got what you are looking for… And if you really wanna lay your hands on Tron-Level Gadget. I guess you have to wait a little.

Although, the 26th of April was slated as the official launch date of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Its release has been intentionally delayed due to the screen related problems experienced during the early review phase [Display damage caused by the removal of a protective layer, a bulge in hinge mechanism underneath the screen and screen flickering].

And as of now, US Samsung ‘G’ Fold preorders will be canceled on 31st May. Unless customers express their extend permission to keep their orders active and alive.

Sources from Samsung told that the launch of Samsung ‘G’ Fold will be scheduled and announced in the coming week.

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