Life is all about creating an opportunity to make life better than it was yesterday. Every living organism on Earth depends on this one thing to live.

A Cheetah in the Savannah Plains of Africa gets a chance to eat only if it hunts, a tiny seed grows into a massive tree only if it gets a chance to grow, a Gazelle can escape death to live another day only if it gets a chance to run away when a predator attacks, likewise you can change your life only when you get a chance to do it.

What exactly is an ‘Opportunity’…?

Is it something that you get out of dumb luck (or) is it something that randomly knocks the front door. If you are thinking that either of these is what true opportunity is, you are dead wrong.

Opportunity knocking

And most people have the wrong perception of an ‘opportunity.’ They think that the right opportunity will fall on their lap if they just wait for it doing nothing. Well, sadly the rule doesn’t work that way. Opportunity is a chance you get only when you take the chance first. It is the total output of risk, responsibility, and action taken.

They are as real as your actions. If you take responsibility for action to do something only then you’ll get an opportunity to really do something.

You see… The possibility of getting a chance to do something that might change your life will multiply only with your responsible action to actually do something.

Responsible action leads to an opportunity…

There are 100’s of opportunities in life but none are identical to each other. The chance you get today might not be the same chance you get tomorrow. So, stop counting your chances in life instead, make your chance count. 

Do you think that Bill Gates during his initial days did nothing but just sat on his couch in his dad’s garage and waited for an opportunity to pass by to grab it to be where he is today…? If he had done that he would probably still be on the same couch in his dad’s garage sipping on a cool drink.

But he did what only a few would dare to do. He took a responsible action before he got the opportunity to be where he is today.

Do you think that the world-famous food brand ‘KFC’ was established out of mere luck when Colonel Sander was enjoying his fried chicken and ‘licking his fingers good’ and an opportunity from nowhere fell on his lap…?

He was brave enough to take a risky and responsible action to change his life. He borrowed $87 against his $105 retirement cheque and bought and fried up some chicken using his secret recipe and went door to door to sell them to his neighbors in Kentucky.

He worked hard day and night, opportunities started flooding his front door. And at the age of 88, Colonel Sanders had built an empire called Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]’, which is famous for it’s fried chicken worldwide. Even Though he isn’t with us today, his legacy lives on…

The point is they both did something with responsibility before a hoard of opportunities came looking for them that changed their lives forever.

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When you get a chance to do it, do it like it’s your last. With the right move towards an opportunity, it’s not just your life you are changing, you are changing the life of a mother with eyes full of hope, a father who’s swedging with his life to raise his family, a sister or a brother who’s curious for your success and luckily your pet’s life too.

You can change your life with the right opportunity but you need to change first to get an opportunity. You need to take a chance before you get a chance. It’s that simple… Take it with strong belief and hope and only then will you get a strong chance to change your life forever.

Never say never to an opportunity that may never come again.

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