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The monolith in Utah: The mystery of the missing monolith has been solved. It was removed by a group of people at night, and its responsibility was claimed by Adventure tour guide Sylven Christenson stating the attention was drawing large crowds which in turn affecting the environment.

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When everybody was thinking that the year 2020 cannot be anymore mind-churning, a mysterious monolith that popped up in the middle of the desert made us think again.

On 18th November, a helicopter crew of Utah Department of Public Safety was on their mission to survey bighorn sheep in Southerneast Utah to assist the Division of Wildlife Resources who had accidentally spotted a 10-12 ft shiny object resting on a canyon’s rock floor.

“One of the biologists is the one who spotted it and we just happened to fly directly over the top of it,” pilot Bret Hutchings said in a report.

And soon the news of the appearance of a mysterious monolith in Utah spread like a wildfire both nationally and internationally.

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And it did not take long before all kinds of speculations started taking shape about the sudden appearance of this mysterious monolith in Utah. Most of them looking up at the extraterrestrials stated that it was some kind of advanced alien technology left in the spot. Some state that this shiny monolith was the work of the late California artist John McCracken who was also a friend of the famous star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. Some said that it was the work of pranksters trying to attract national attention.

The speculations continued for a few days until this mysterious monolith in Utah suddenly disappeared.

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How did this mysterious monolith in Utah disappear?

Extraterrestrial seekers, hikers, and mystery enthusiasts started visiting the place. Even though the location of this mysterious monolith in Utah wasn’t available in the beginning, the coordinates to the location were circulating on Reddit, and later it was confirmed that the coordinates were accurate by a hiker named David Surber.

In the video, he also inspected this mysterious monolith in the Utah desert up close. He said that the structure wasn’t anything metallic or magnetic when he tested it with a simple magnet he had, instead it sounded “like a cardboard box” when knocking on its side.

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This video may put an end to most of the ‘extraterrestrial speculations.’

“It is illegal to install structures or art without authorization on public lands ‘no matter what planet you’re from’,” said Utah DPS in a report, if it really was the work of art.

By the end of November as soon as it began the mystery ended as it has disappeared from the location leaving behind few remaining rocks and a piece of triangle-shaped metal.

With no clear conclusion about this mysterious monolith, netizens took it to Twitter to express what they think.

With no proper leads to investigate, the Sheriff’s Office in San Juan Country, Utah had its fun way to express concern.

Image credit: Facebook Screenshot

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However, the sudden disappearance of this mysterious monolith in the Utah desert still remains a mystery.

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