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As the world is indulged in fighting the pandemic, China has ignited fresh border conflicts with its neighboring countries, especially with India.

India concerned about its territorial integrity and national sovereignty has banned 59 Chinese apps including the most famed short-video app – TikTok heeding to the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center’s warning that these applications pose a major threat to the country’s security.

TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps in India with 660 million downloads. This bore a tasty fruit for the “Made in India” apps.

Mitron became the alternative for TikTok in India…

The ban of TikTok revealed other alternative apps. Mitron is one such app with 17 million downloads on Google Play, this app is now on track to become the new star of the Indian short-video world.

Mitron achieved this new milestone within just five days after it reached 10 million downloads. The app witnessed 7 million downloads within a few days after the ban of TikTok in India.


Mitron’s parent company – Mitron TV stated that their app usage grew more than 11 times in its daily traffic within a day of TikTok’s ban.

The company has raised more than ₹20 million as seed funding from Letsventure Syndicate and 3One4 Capital to improve the app. The company is already on its toes to intensify the improvement of the application.

Shivank Agarwal, Founder, and CEO of ‘Mitron’ said, “with the support of this round, our focus is on building features and supporting content that resonates with Indian users, while prioritizing community standards and local laws in India,” in a report.

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However, Mitron had various bugs’ issues at the initial stage and some sources claimed that the app’s source code initially had a Pakastani developer.

“We are now doubling down on improving the full breadth of user experience on the app and we are looking forward to releasing some exciting new features soon,” Agarwal added in a report.

The ban on 59 Chinese apps in India has opened a portal for other countries’ apps to one of the biggest data markets in the world.

Mitron app now sees 24 million video views per hour since a couple of days. Other short-video apps like Chingari and Roposo are also witnessing a sudden surge in their downloads.

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