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The year 2020 is considered as the year of face masks and is likely to stay after.

A huge number of companies have jumped into this new opportunistic sector to take advantage of the growing demand for good quality masks for breathing protection. And now the South Korean giant LG has announced its first advanced “personal clean air.”

With the grand IFA 2020 as a launching platform the company is introducing the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier.”

This LG Face Mask is an entirely new category of wearable air purifier technology in portable protection according to the company.

This face mask is designed to provide a clean and fresh supply of air to an individual wearing it for hours.

The company stated that this is achieved by two H13 HEPA filters just like the filters of its home air purifiers.

LG Face Mask is equipped with the company’s patented Respiratory Sensors fused with dual fans which allow the individual to breathe in clean filtered air.

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The sensor identifies the wearer’s breath-cycle and volume and adapts its dual fans to filter the air in the required quantity as it has a three-speed system.

The fans can automatically accelerate or decelerate to assist the wearer to breathe effortlessly. The dual fans are powered by the lightweight 320 mAh battery that is claimed to operate 8 hrs in low mode and two hours in high mode.

The company took a step further by providing the LG Face Mask with its own case to maintain hygiene and power the battery when required.

LG Face Mask’s case is equipped with UV-LED lights to kill any germs on contact, the company claims it to be on-of-a-kind care technology that can charge the Face Mask while sterilizing it by UV light.

It can also send a notification to the wearer’s device through the LG ThinQ mobile app whenever the air filters need to be replaced. Every part of the LG Face Mask is replaceable and recyclable.

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“At a time when consumers are seeking ways to make life safer and more convenient, it’s important that we’re able to offer solutions that add measurable value,” Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution Company stated in a report.

But the company hasn’t yet commented on its efficiency and is waiting for LG Face Mask’s test completion and certification.

It will be available only in the selected markets in the fourth quarter of the year. The cost of the Face Mask hasn’t been revealed yet.

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