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After the ban of the most widely used short-video’ app – TikTok in India and the proposal to ban in the United States by President Donald Trump, it has created a huge void in the social media market.

But it did not go unnoticed for too long, many companies are playing their cards to fill the space with their newly-created short-video’ applications and features.

Facebook isn’t apart from this. Facebook tests its latest ‘short-video’ feature in its app to make it the best alternative for the most popular ‘TikTok’ in India which had the biggest number of users in the world.

Facebook tests are proving to be good…

Facebook tests its ‘short video’ feature with the exact diversity options that TikTok had in it. The latest feature sits in the middle of the News Feed and its interface performs just as convenient as TikTok’s.

Facebook testsImage credit: @MattNavarra

Not long ago, Facebook introduced the short-video’ feature – Reels on Instagram to quickly grab the space left by TikTok’s ban. With new creative tools on Reels, you can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos just like TikTok.

With gaining popularity on Instagram, the Facebook tests have jumped on to its major platform – Facebook app. Social media consultant, Matt Navarra first spotted and posted Facebook tests on Twitter.

“We’re always testing new creative tools so we can learn about how people want to express themselves. Short-form videos are extremely popular and we are looking at new ways to Connect, Create, and Share on Facebook,” the Facebook representative said in a report.

In Facebook tests, the “Create” button sits on top, and upon clicking it displays a new Facebook camera with a caption reading, “Create and Share short videos, and explore new ways to express yourself.”

And the users can upload their customized videos just like in TikTok. Once posted, the videos will be displayed in the ‘Short Videos’ column on Facebook.

The ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ buttons are situated in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can browse videos by swiping up just like TikTok. But it isn’t yet available for all the users in India.

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Other companies including Times Internet’s Gaana and MX Player streaming service and Twitter-backed Sharechat have deployed their solo apps or integrated features to amass a great number of users onto their platforms, and most of them have been succeeded in attracting millions of users since the ban of TikTok in India.

TikTok’s parent ByteDance is said to be in talks with Indian giant Reliance Industries to sell its stake in TikTok’s local business

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