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As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is working on to expand the possibility of human exploration, solving the problem of energy storage, management, and distribution for sustaining human presence in space and initiating industrial activity is no easy task.

Hence NASA has come up with Watts on the Moon challenge for the public seeking the most reliable idea to solve the problem of energy management, storage, and distribution.

It is now actively seeking ideas for NASA to address these technology gaps. Any idea that has the potential to solve the problems will be further developed for the upcoming space ventures and future lunar surface operations.

A good idea for NASA is worth $5 million…

NASA’s watts on the moon challenge is already accepting submissions for the most reliable and sustainable energy problem-solving ideas.

Under the most ambitious Artemis program, NASA is preparing to send a man and a first woman to the moon and land them on the new regions including its south pole and open a new portal for the Mars exploration.

But all these ambitious missions demand a massive reliance on portable energy sources. The astronauts who will be undertaking each of these missions will require a continuous supply of power to live and work on the lunar surface or in space. Hence an idea for NASA to pull these missions must be flexible and robust for safe space explorations.

Walt Engelund, the deputy associate administrator for programs within NASA’s Space Technology said, “Operating throughout the lunar night creates some of the most demanding energy storage and thermal management challenges in our exploration of the solar system. We are calling on the public for the fresh ideas for NASA to help innovate power solutions.”

The conditions on the moon’s surface are a nightmare, with 350 hrs (or) 14 days of total darkness the temperature plunges to sub-zero for days.

The traditional power-solutions that work on earth cannot sustain in such severe conditions. The Watts on the Moon Challenge demands ideas for NASA to overcome these hurdles.

The competition will commence in multiple phases…

In Phase 1, the participants will have to develop a flexible model that should address one or more of the 3 hypothetical space activities that are realistic to a lunar mission.

Anybody who’s interested and has an idea for NASA to solve these problems can submit their idea concept designs until March 25, 2021.

Submit here: Watts on the Moon Challenge

The chosen idea for NASA will first be awarded half a million dollars.

In Phase 2, based on the outcome of the design, participants should build a working prototype to exhibit their solutions. And if the prototype is proven successful, the remaining $4.5 million will be awarded and will move on for detailed testing at the facility.

NASA’s call is already drawing in many participants. If everything goes well NASA said that the energy model can also be used to generate and supply energy on earth too.


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