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Almost every business sector in the world is hammered by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The impact was so hard that some had to shut down for permanent, while others are still struggling to stand back up.

But amid this worst-crisis, few companies like Apple did manage to grab the opportunity and climb up the ladder. In fact, Apple Inc. has reached its all-time sales records in some of the Apple products reaching quarterly revenue of $59.7 billion.

Apple products that are hot on sales…

iPhones: These smartphones saw a decrease in sales in the first quarter of 2020. But by May and June, gained back its track as the company revealed the revenue from the iPhone category was increased by two percent.

CEO Tim Cook said that the company witnessed a big surge in migration from Android to iPhone compared to its previous year, particularly for the new iPhone SE.

Apple iPhone SEImage credit: Chris Velazco/Engadget

He also stated that the Apple product – iPhone 11 still stands as the company’s most welcomed phone while iPhone SE’s “smaller form factor and an incredibly affordable price” played a major role to boost the company’s revenue.

“We attribute this increase in demand to several interactive causes, including a strong iPhone SE launch, continued economic stimulus and potentially some benefit from shelter-in-place restrictions lifting around the world,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in Apple’s report.

Well, now it’s no big secret that the stimulus package declared by the US government helped Apple products to add up in revenue when most people used it on food and paying bills, some used it to buy Apple products on the Apple store online.

Apple’s service category has also seen a 15 percent growth, creating another record as iMessage, Face Time, and Siri was most used by the people during the lockdown to stay connected with others.

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Apple product – Apple Mac witnessed an increase of 22 percent in revenue growth. iPad sales surged with 31 percent, making it the top quarter revenue for iPad in over eight years.

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But not all Apple products saw the same growth as Apple wearables stayed below the expected line but had a 17% growth in year over year portfolio.

The company is aiming to create a new record in its annual revenue with the Apple products this year. However, the world of growing-business will have a whole new theme post-pandemic.


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