Unlike humans, dogs don’t give a thing about how humans look.

A study conducted by teams of researchers in Mexico and Hungary revealed that the dogs’ brains aren’t built to be impressed by how good or bad one’s face looks, either of people or other canines.

The humans’ brains are intricately programmed to recognize the faces, and the diverse expressions recognized by using an immense amount of data, within the brain.

This complexity of the human brain taunted the scientist whether the animals’ brains responded to the facial recognition complex just like us for many years.

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And the scientists have found an answer with man’s best friend. They performed brain scans on 20 pet dogs to gauge how they responded to faces.

Are dogs really impressed by our looks?


These friendly canines were taught to stay still like a sphynx on an MRI bed with their heads rested on a chin rest. The scientists then played four unique types of two-second clips on a screen for the canines to view:

The face of a human.
The back of a human head.
The face of a dog.
The back of a dog’s head.

Thirty individuals volunteered in the study and viewed the same videos to evaluate brain activity. And just like previous studies, human brain activity spiked in facial recognition.

Upon seeing a face, both the species visual system was active, but the same brain portions went silent on seeing the back side of the heads.

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The vision-sorting regions of the dogs’ brains least bothered about how a person looked to bond. The research was published in – Neuroscience on 5th October.

The visual-processing systems of dogs were more modulated to whether the clip featured a human or a dog.

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However, the research calibrated only brain responses and not behavior. Different studies have revealed that dogs can, understand and respond to people’s facial expressions, unlike most other species. There’s a reason why they are the man’s best friend.

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