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Ever since the beginning of the ‘Human-era’, innovation has been the key tool to build a civilization and stand where we are right now.

Innovation in traveling has led to the invention of wheels which in turn has changed the way humans travel. Likewise, innovation in talking has revolutionized the world where we once were confined to talk to people just around us now has made it possible to talk to any person from anywhere on the planet.

Innovation is something that pushes our limits every day. It has changed the world in the most likely unimaginable way. Innovation in every sector has seamlessly improved the quality of life. And innovation exclusively in science has completely redefined the purpose of human existence.

Here is one such innovation that’s gonna change the future of millions of disabled.

Bionic Arm
Smart bionic, here to change the future…

According to Amputee Coalition, nearly 2 million people are living with limb loss and approximately 185,000 amputations occur every year in the U.S. alone.

What if a person is born physically challenged (or) has lost his/her limb in an accident (or) war… and can’t lead their lives on their own without depending on others…?

What if they can get their limbs back and lead a whole new different life…

Is it possible…?

Well, the latest innovation in Medical Science has made it possible with the implementation of Bionics and the integration of prosthetics with the human body.

Its a whole new ray of hope for those who wanna live their lives without depending on others. One can carry on with their daily chores without any problem (or) dependency.

Bionic arm dialy chores

What is a Bionic Arm…?

The bionic arm is an advanced prosthetic limb worn by an amputee with upper limb difference. It combines robotics, biotechnology, and electro physics to recreate the function of a human arm. It is a one true innovation in Medical Science which can change the lives of millions.

Science Fact: The world’s 1st bionic arm “Edinburgh Modular Arm System” was given to a person named ‘Robert’ in a pioneering operation in 1993.

How does it Work…?

When fixed to the amputee’s limb, the bionic arm works by picking up signals from the user’s muscles. When a user flexes his/her muscles just below the elbow, the special sensors get activated and detect the tiny, naturally generated electric signal and convert these into intuitive and proportional Bionic hand moment. The Bionic Arm is controlled by tensing the same muscles that are responsible for the functioning of the biological hand.

Wearing a bionic arm is now more accepted than ever before where the amputee had to wear a life-sized prosthetic limb just to blend into the society.

Unlike older versions of prosthetic limbs, the latest Bionic arms are designed to stand out of the crowd with its uniqueness, stunning appearance, and functionality. Now they are embracing the different abilities with pride.

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Super Smart Bionic arm is not very far…

Bioengineers are pooling their efforts in creating the ‘Smart Bionic arm’. According to The Baltimore Sun report, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory [APL] has created a Bionic arm that can sense the feel of touch. It’s a whole new level of achievement in the ‘world of science’.

This is the actual proof of humans pushing the limits of the human-robotic interface. The supercool engineers at ‘Applied Physics Laboratory’ have developed bionic limb that can smoothly obey human thoughts, creating a whole new generation of advanced robotics seamlessly integrated with the human body.

Although the technology is relatively new, it gives up a glimpse of how future problems can be addressed. These advancements make us feel like we are getting closer to sharing our future with the advanced robotic generation.

All thanks to the groundbreaking surgery called ‘Targeted Sensory Reinnervation’.

This complex surgery remaps the nerves responsible for touch. It is a type of surgery that allows the amputee to use his brain to operate the bionic arm. If the amputee wants to open his fist, all he needs to do is just think to open the fist.

Operating the bionic arm

Creating the ‘sense of touch’ has never been done before and is a milestone in the field of Bioengineering. All thanks to the effort of Dr. Michael McLoughlin and his team from ‘Applied Physics Laboratory’, Johns Hopkins University.

The technology will soon be a reality that is purely born from the sci-fi concept. But the thing is that we will have to wait a little bit longer as its undergoing clinical tests.

Latest Bionic arm available…

The Hero Arm, manufactured by Open Bionics – A company that develops the cheap and best bionic limbs.

‘Hero Arm’ is the world’s 1st 3D printed bionic arm that is medically certified. ‘Hero Arm’ is a lightweight and affordable myoelectric prosthesis equipped with multi-grip functionality that truly empowers aesthetics.

It has different functions – Grab, high-five, pinch, thumbs-up, fist bump. Hero Arm is for below-elbow amputee adults and children aged 8 and above.

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As per the Open Bionics, Hero Arm is now available in U.S.A, U.K, and France.

With all these super advancements and innovations in the world of science, the days of co-existence and integration of advanced robots along with human lives isn’t far away.

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