Mavic Mini :

As technology is growing bigger and better, its size is relatively shrinking for better portability.

Drones aren’t an exceptional case. The house of DJI has launched its most compact and portable drone exclusive for the beginners.

DJI Mavic Mini
The everyday fly cam…

Dji mavic mini

It is one of the smallest and advanced drones in the world under a budget of less than $400.

This super-compact drone is roughly the size of your smartphone that benefits in many ways with some of its tagline features.

As traditional as it is with DJI, Mavic Mini comes with a 3-axis Gimbal-Stabilized HD camera for smooth capturing of moments.

This is what makes the DJI Mini unique from others.

Camera :

It is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal-stabilized 12MP camera for images and 2.7K Quad HD videos.

But when compared with its giant twin, the Mini’s cam quality gets masked by the super-cam of Mavic 2 Pro that has 4K video resolution which costs around $2,247 USD.

But it is actually the best picture quality any drone can offer under $400.It is more than enough to capture the most impressive moments that you’d love to share on your Instagram.

Flight Range :

This key feature truly amazes the drone nerds. It can fly a non-stop 30 minutes on a single charge which is almost equal to Mavic 2 Pro that has a 31 minutes flight time on a single charge.

Dji mavic mini flight range

Mini has a 4 km HD video transmission range, it is pretty impressive for a beginner’s drone.

Sensor :

The mini-drone is equipped with the vision sensors on the underside of the aircraft to make sure that the drone lands safely. And it even has a ‘GPS Precise Hover’ feature to keep it hovering in a fixed position, but due to its lightweight, the drone cannot keep up even in slightly windy times which is clearly mentioned in its manual.

A little drawback is that it lacks the ‘obstacle avoidance sensors’ which makes it a bit hard to avoid the collision.

Video Quality :

Mavic Mini has a 12MP 3-axis gimbal-stabilized camera for impressive shots. It can record videos of 2.7K resolution at 30 frames-per-second and a full HD video at 60 frames-per-second.

Dji mavic mini camera Shot on dji mavic mini

It has an excellent color contrast accuracy and best low-light shot.

The drone comes with some cool quick-shots like Helix, Circle, Rocket, and the most popular Dronie to make the shots more dramatic and look like Hollywood movie scenes.

The video quality is so good that only a pro can differentiate between the 4K video and video shot from the Mini.

As per its tagline, the drone is built to capture everyday moments you don’t wanna forget and has an impressive 40 Mbps bitrate for smooth video transfer.

Weight :

With all these cool features, it is one of the lightest drones in the world as it weighs just 249 grams. It can actually fit in your pocket as it is almost equal to the size of the iPhone 11 Pro.

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This ‘Lightweight’ feature makes it an exception from registering to FAA in many countries where the minimum required weight to register is 250 grams which place DJI Mavic Mini in the safest and lowest weight class of drones.

DJI Fly App :

DJI Fly app to control the drone is advanced and its viewing area onscreen is 20% larger than DJI Go 4.

As the drone is designed for beginners, so is the app. The app is built to make the controlling, capturing, and editing as simple and easy as possible. It is compatible with iOS 10.0 (or) above and Android 6.0 (or) above.

Dji fly mobile application

This app is also a bridge to SkyPixel, a social media platform for the drone users and it even lets the user know about the most popular shot spots around. But its currently available only in few countries.

The pack comes with 3 removable batteries with a 2-way charging hub that can charge all 3 batteries at the same time. Removable stickers for the drone for extra and personal customization.

You can also have a 360° propeller guard that fully protects the propellers and enhance flight-safety on indoor or any tight-space maneuvering.

Final Thought :

It’s one of the best drones by DJI with its super easy and cool features to capture the best moments of life. It’s not recommended for the pros but definitely a must for the beginners who are on the edge to master the art of drone-photography.

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