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Crypto-technology is a fascinating emerging technology, and the crypto market has become millennials’ favorite hub to make money.

2021 has been a roller-coaster ride for all the crypto coins including the giant – Bitcoin that holds 42% of the market’s share.

January to April was a good run. Some coins like Dogecoin saw a massive spike because of a frenzy that was caused by the most adored billionaire – Elon Musk, making its price soar by more than 6000%.

Etherium, Matic, Cardano, and many other coins witnessed their good share of growth. And the crypto market cap was valued at $2 trillion for the 1st time ever.

When everybody was super excited about the rising trend bear claws hit the market hard mainly due to the ban of crypto coins in China.

The following 3 months were a disaster with crypto coins hitting their all-time lows, making the investors think not just twice but thrice before investing in the crypto market.

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Well, August turned out to be a good omen. The value of crypto-coins has recovered in a steady way.

According to Coingecko, the market has successfully crossed the $2 trillion mark and is now valued at $2.06 trillion. Thanks to Bitcoin that reached as high as $48,152, the highest since May 16, and other coins.

Etherium, the 2nd biggest coin in market cap stood at $3,200, Cardano, the 3rd biggest hovered at $2.1, Dogecoin 18%, Ripple 61%, and Binance Coin saw 14% growth at the same period.

But what surprised the experts is that the value of the crypto coins climbed even after the industry failed to get a recheck on the U.S. infrastructure bill’s crypto tax reporting rules.

“The price of Bitcoin was surprisingly resilient in the wake of the news. We interpreted this price action as extremely bullish. We think the recognition of the crypto industry by lawmakers was ultimately a legitimizing event, one that should give investors comfort that this industry is here to stay,” said Grey Cipolaro, NYDIG Global head of research in a report.

Keeping an eye on its volatility, now looks like a good time to invest.


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