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Open AI’s chatbot ChatGPT has been making a lot of buzz with its impressive text service.

And the big news is the report of the tech-giant Microsoft preparing to invest a whopping $10 billion into OpenAI and have ChatGPT available on Microsoft’s very own platform (Azure).

The company announced this in a blog post on its website on Monday.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform with a broad range of services for the public.

“Azure open OpenAI is now generally available as part of an expansion of Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI,” said Eric Boyd, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for AI platforms in a report.

It is a platform where language tools like Codex and GPT-3 can be adapted and used to perform certain tasks.

ChatGPT will soon be available on Azure OpenAI, however, the date of its launch on the platform wasn’t revealed.

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“Companies like Al Jazeera, KPMG, and Moveworks are already using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service,” Microsoft stated.

“News company like Al Jazeera is using it for translations, applying text style guide, and context extraction,” the company added.

In 2019, Microsoft had already invested $1 billion into OpenAI’s ChatGPT project, it is said that the company is in talks to invest $10 billion, however, it isn’t officially confirmed yet.

OpenAI launched ChatGPT on November 30 and saw a spike in users as it had amassed one million users in just five days because of its unique ability to do almost everything- from creating a simple post for social media to writing codes.

The rise of ChatGPT has made the giant- Google worry about the possibility of being superseded by this rookie.

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