Bushfires In Australia :

The whole world is witnessing the worst natural disaster that ever struck Australia with massive bushfires raging across the continent devouring everything in its blaze.

Although bushfires in Australia are common during the dry season, these burning blazes are too early and intense like never before in the Australian history of disasters.

Its deadly and unprecedented path of destruction has charred the land and has laid a devastating trail of disaster that brings tears even in the eyes of a cold-hearted person.

Effects of the raging bushfires in Australia…

The enormous bushfires have scarred Australia like never before. This continent is home to some of the most unique biodiversity on the planet that has around 240+ species of mammals alone. But now the biodiversity is hammered hard by these monstrous wildfires.

Australia wildfire

According to a report by Vox, approximately more than 500 million animals were killed by the raging fires. These shocking numbers include koalas, kangaroos, birds, reptiles, horses, and domesticated animals. Their charred bodies were found everywhere the fires had moved, some were half-burned and still alive fighting for their lives in agony and pain, it was a heart-wrenching scene. These numbers exclude the count of insects, frogs, and bats.

Almost 8000 Koalas were burnt alive that is up to 30% of their entire population. Your lending hand can help save the poor creatures from extinction.

 Join hands to save Koalas

As the fire continues its rage, 24 people are killed, charred an area of more than 15.6 million acres (3,000 sq.km) of habitable land, and destroyed more than 1,500 homes. And the count is still rising on a massive scale.

According to Gippsland’s department of environment, land, water, and planning, 3 big fires had combined together in state Victoria to form a massive 6000 hectare (23 sq.mile) single blaze that is as big as the New York borough of Manhattan and rose to a staggering 100-150 feet that looks like the inferno from hell.

Bushfire in australiaImage source: Flickr

1000s are left homeless and most of the cities and towns are forced to evacuate immediately. Over 3.5% of the state Victoria has been burnt and over 11 million acres have been destroyed.

Airbnb is offering free emergency housing for the victims of bushfires in Australia from 2nd January – 16th January.

If you are in Victoria, click here to find your nearest shelter

If you are in New South Wales, click here to find your nearest shelter

Days turned into blood-red nights with massive smoke clouds engulfing skies creating a scary apocalyptic scene in southeastern parts of Australia.

Fire-propelled thunderstorms included by the pyrocumulonimbus clouds were formed that can be seen from space. 

All air traffic was halted from the country’s capital, Canberra. State Victoria has declared a state of disaster.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Canberra beat its soaring heat record of 80 years by reaching 44°C (111°F) on Saturday, 4th January and Sydney reached soaring temperatures of up to 48.9°C (120°F) which is a whole new record for the coastal city.

Experts have predicted that the weather conditions will worsen as all these bushfires have already released a massive 250 million tons of Co2 into the atmosphere within just a few days of the beginning of 2020, which is half of Australia’s annual Co2 emission in 2019.

The massive Co2 release will directly affect the entire planet’s weather conditions. And contribute to the already rising global temperatures. Forest fires and wildfires are drastically increasing these days.

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Amazon Forest fire, California wildfires, and Siberian wildfires are the proof of a disastrous shifting in the world’s climate.

This problem is now being realized and considered as a severe catastrophic threat to the world as many countries have united to stand for Australia.

Australia’s neighbor New Zealand has aided by sending in its troops to fight the raging fire. The U.S has sent its firefighters to tackle the bushfires. Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, India, England, and many other countries have stood up for Australia.

According to the Australian Sky news report, conditions of some parts of New South Wales have eased by the light-rains. Local residents were filled with tears of joy & relief and said that the light-showers on Sunday afternoon have been “heaven-sent.” But the conditions won’t stay the same, experts warned as most of the country was blanketed by thick smoke and soaring temperatures.

Humans have exploited mother Nature’s resources at an unprecedented scale and this is the kind of price we have to pay for forgetting our role to coexist with the world.

Its time to stand up for the right cause and finally, everything comes down to mother Nature.

People from around the world are standing up to support the victims of bushfires in Australia.

> Chris Hemsworth has donated $1 million.
> Kaylen Ward, a social media influencer has raised $700,000 by giving out her nudes in exchange for donations.

> Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have pledged $500,000.

Rebel Wilson, Hilary Duff, Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez, Kacey Musgraves, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Russel Crowe, Nick Kyrgios, and many others are doing their part.

Click here to lend your part of support to help the victims of this catastrophic disaster


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