Apple iPad 7th Generation :

The most anticipated day for an ‘Appellate’ has finally come true as the house of Apple has introduced its latest gadgets to the world on September 10th.

Well, it’s no surprise that Apple has surprised us as it always does with it’s every new launch. Apple iPad 7th generation is one of the most satisfying gadgets Apple has launched so far.

What Makes the New Apple iPad, 7th Generation…?

Display :

> The new Apple iPad has a large 10.2″ Retina display that is better than its 9.7″ predecessor. Bigger screen means bigger experience and better immersion with razor-sharp resolution.
> The Display screen has 3.5 million pixels that are 3x more pixels and 2x brighter than its previous version.

Apple iPad 7th generation display

Performance :

> The performance of Apple device gets better and better with every new launch.
> The new iPad is upgraded with advanced iPad OS exclusive for the iPad 7th gen that provides the strongest and seamless performance like never before.
> It is equipped with the A10 Fusion Chip with Embedded M10 Processor and 64-bit architecture which is one of the world’s most powerful chip in a Tablet. This enables the new iPad to perform like no other.
> According to Apple, the new iPad performance is twice as fast as the top-selling Windows PC.
> Users can pair work with multiple apps with its advanced ‘multitasking’ capabilities or work with multiple applications side-by-side.
> Shooting and editing movies like videos is now ‘a piece of cake.’

Security :

> As always Apple is known for its vault-like security. No other Tablet can level with the level of security on the iPad.
> The 7th gen iPad has a Touch ID biometric fingerprint reader.

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New Features Integrated With Apple iPad 7th Gen…

Apple Pencil :

It is the most welcomed feature by the professionals and people on the go. The user can work on the iPad with ease, all thanks to the new Apple Pencil.

The Pencil can be used to write, sketch, draw, and paint up to every minute detail on the iPad just like a pro. The Apple Pencil is truly an enhancer of creativity and productivity.

Apple pencil for iPad 7th gen

Smart Keyboard :

The new Apple iPad can be paired with the Smart Keyboard that has dual benefits.

  • It acts as a full-size keyboard for typing (or) editing any document, mails, and anything you work on. It’s just like working in a Laptop.
  • It acts as a protective cover/case to protect the screen from scratches.

Smart Connection :

No Plugins, No pairings. With a smart connector, the user can now transfer both data and power with ease [No Battery (or) Charging required].

Apple Fact: The new iPad 7th generation body is made from 100% recycled Aluminium.

Apple iPad 7th Gen :

Extra Add-on :

> The user gets access to over 100+ new and latest games in Apple Arcade.
> Apple Arcade is made available starting on September 19th. It can be accessed with $4.99/month for the whole family along with the one-month free trial.
> Get exclusive Movies and Videos on Apple TV+ that will be available from November 1st. It can be accessed at $4.99/month for the whole family.

Mobility of the Device :

> The new Apple iPad 7th gen is flexible for people who are on the go. The user can work/play seamlessly with its unparalleled performance anywhere anytime.
> The device is light for portability and ultra-durability.

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What is the cost…?

Well, at last everything comes down to this…

> The new Apple iPad 7th generation starts at $329.
> Apple Pencil $99 [price may vary].
> Smart Keyboard $159 [price may vary].

Lucky for students, the price drops to $299 if the buyer is a student with Apple’s Educational discount scheme.

> The Wi-Fi+ cellular model starts at $459.

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Click here to buy (US) – $249.99 (32GB)
Click here to buy (IN) – ₹29,790 (32GB)


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