World’s Best Travel University : 

Yes… our ‘Planet’ is the only best travel University you can possibly find.

It isn’t the Oxford (or) Cambridge (or) Yale but our only beautiful world. It’s so vast that each and every soul can join.

You might be wondering whether if I’m crazy to say this but, if you could actually get to know what traveling the world can possibly offer you. I’m sure you’re gonna be the world’s best traveler.

Traveling isn’t just traveling when you truly love it. It’s a complete package of cool Adventure, Beauty, Culture, Curiosity, Excitement, Peace of Mind, Style, Raw Fun, Wisdom and most important of all ‘best memories to remember’.

Adventerous traveling

And here’s the thing. In your ‘Dairy of Life’, Travel is a very important chapter which you can never miss to write about. And if you miss it by any chance, unfortunately, you are gonna miss the most memorable and precious part of your life.

You might miss the damn cool adventure that’s awaiting you. You might miss the friends you would have made. You might miss your chance to meet new people. You might miss the fun part of your life. You might miss your chance to see the most beautiful things your eyes could have feasted on.

Have you ever gazed upon the beautifully setting Sun in the horizon while savoring your moment on the peak of a mountain as the cool breeze trying to kiss your cheeks.

Watching sunset

And most important of all you will miss the most precious ‘memories’ to talk about when you grow old and sit with your old buddies to share your talk about the days of fun you had, with a nice beer in hand…

What will you talk about…? when you did not have a single journey worth speaking… huh…

What are you gonna say…? when your Children (or) Grandchildren curiously ask you about your good old days of fun and adventure.

Are you gonna say, “No honey, but I did go to church”. Do you think it sounds adventurous (or) fun (or) anything else… I didn’t think so.

Oh… and even more mortifying is that your grandchild might think that a dog on the street’s corner is a better traveler than you were. And I believe you don’t want them to have such an impression on you.

You see… our world’s big enough to give each and every soul, a story of its own to talk about and worth living for. Now, I really don’t want you to travel just for the sake of giving a great tale to your listeners.

Travel to get what all traveling can possibly offer you and satisfy you. “Don’t search for a great story but be one”.

Satisfied traveling

You definitely need to have a good grade to join the ‘Travel University’. And that good grade is your ‘Spirit’ to travel.

This is an important quality to join, nothing else matters the most. And nothing can stop you except the airport security if you don’t have a Passport.

One last thing is that age is just a number, anyone can travel at any point of age. [Although… toddlers and kids can’t travel on their own].

But hey… I’m talkin about you. You can give wings to the traveler inside you whenever you feel it’s the right time. And your right time was a year ago but you 2nd right time is today [To plan].

Just do the 3P’s 

3p's In travel university

Plan it, Pick it [Destination], Pack it [Your Clothes]. And board it [whichever means of transport you are using]. Just travel to make your good life, the best life.

We aren’t trees to be rooted in some piece of land and think of it as our whole world.

The complete Cocktail of all these make our world the best to travel. A great part of your life’s awaiting you.


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