New Year Resolution :

Resolution, Resolution, Resolution…
This is the most common term I have heard right next to “Happy New Year” on every consecutive year’s beginning since my childhood.

But the word vanishes into the thin air as soon as the joyous new year’s celebrations end. It’s so repeated yet feels so new and interesting every time we pledge it. But the only problem with it is it remains unfulfilled every single year and disappears faster than ‘the setting sun on the horizon’.


Most of the people who take up a new resolution every year just fail to bring it into action and forget it like usual.

I was one of them… And admit it, you were one of us too…

In my last ‘new year resolution’, I was like, “This year I’m gonna have abs like Chris Hemsworth.

Well, few days later I looked at myself in the mirror and all I could see was Chris Hemsworth from Avengers: Endgame, totally the opposite Hemsworth I was planning to become.

It’s not just me who had failed to fulfill the last year’s resolution. There are 1000s and 1000s of examples like mine out there. Resolutions untouched, that includes you too.

And I think your “so-called” resolution included one of these…

> I’m gonna quit smoking.
> I’m gonna quit alcohol.
> I’m gonna quit flirting.
> I’m gonna be a new person.
> I’m gonna take the stairs from today.
> I’m gonna start talking to a boy (if you were a shy girl).
> I’m gonna start talking to a girl (if you were a shy guy).
> I’m gonna work hard to be successful in life.
> I’m gonna…

You know, I can go on all day long with this unending ‘resolution’ chart. But it doesn’t make any sense until you take a real step to make it real.

And here’s how new year resolution makes sense…

Do you think having a brand new motorbike is useful without riding it…?     I don’t think so…

In the very same manner, just taking up a resolution and not doing anything about it is as good as getting a brand new motorbike and placing it safely in a history museum which is absolutely non-sense.

The only true way of rejoicing the joy of having a motorbike is only when you ride it. Just like that, the only possible way of succeeding in your resolution is when you put it into action.

Sometimes it can be difficult but never impossible. All it takes is 2 simple things, ‘determination and plan’ to make your resolution come true. But remember these 2 things only make sense with ‘execution’.

If you have these 3 things glued to your resolution, I challenge, not a single force on earth can stop you from achieving your goal.

If you really wanna have a toned body then wake your ass up early every morning and just train your mind and body consistently every day and take a good look at your prize in the mirror. That’s the fruit of ‘Determination – Plan – Execution’ (you just get what you dreamt of).

3 new year resolutions

If you truly wanna be a successful person then what the hell are you waiting for…?

Believe it, plan it and just do it. And if you can just develop this strong-willed-mindset to first defeat the demon inside your head then achieving your resolution is not very far.

And you’ll eventually get there even before you realize it. If you really wanna talk to the girl you love so much then congratulations, my friend, you are halfway past the hurdle as you have made up your mind to actually talk. And the only remaining part you need to do is ‘do’ what you are planning to do.

Believe me, I know what it feels like to talk to a crush as I too was once a shy kid. But my first open talk with my crush broke my ‘Girlsomnia’ shell and gradually made me the king of humorous talk with girls in my world.

I bet the same thing will happen to you too (or) perhaps even better. Just take some damn action to make your new year resolution come true. Because when it really happens, you are gonna be one of the happiest souls in the whole wide world.

And so ‘just having a resolution’ is as good as day-dreaming unless you take some action about it to really make it happen.

And let’s see how well you are gonna take up your new year resolution. Remember, it’s all about 3 simple steps Determination – Planning – Execution. And I wish you a “Happy and Prosperous New Year” that is awaiting you.

True resolution, true you…

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