Dead Stars :

Ever wondered what a graveyard of dead stars aka galactic underworld looks like? It’s unlike anything you have ever seen in the sci-fi movies.

The researchers scanning the Milky Way Galaxy have for the 1st time identified and created a map of the galactic graveyard of the dead stars (suns that burned all their fuel and crashed into neutron stars and black holes). This dark underworld of the dead stars is just supermassive (i.e. 3 times as tall as our galaxy – The Milky Way).

This galactic cemetery holds thousands and thousands of very old suns that are now disappearing into black holes that are devouring their cousins.

Black holes are formed when the mass of a super humongous star collapses on itself, creating a death eater (black hole) that gobbles any space object that crosses its path including the light.

The map created using extensive data from all over the world shows a glowing fiery center just like the Milky Way but without the extension of its characteristic spiral arms.

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“These compact remnants of dead stars exhibit a radically different pattern and structure than the visible galaxy,” the study’s lead author and a Ph.D. student at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy at the University of Sydney, David Sweeney said in a report.

The research report on the map of the dead stars was published in the Royal Astronomical Society.

According to this study, the concentration of the dead suns is concentrated here, more than in any other mapped regions of our galaxy.

This graveyard is so huge it holds almost 30 percent of the celestial objects that were dispersed during the supernova as its height is three times taller than the Milky Way.

This also reveals that cosmic explosions are way more powerful than what was previously estimated.

“It was like trying to find the mythical elephant graveyard. The bones of these rare massive stars had to be out there. But they seemed to shroud themselves in mystery,” said co-author of the study, Prf. Tuthill.

The researchers’ team from the Sydney Institute for Astronomy mapped the complete lifecycle of the ancient dead stars creating the 1st ever-detailed map of the galactic graveyard.

These dead suns were born during the juvenile period of our galaxy and died once emptying their fuel.

The researchers are working hard on the revealed data to see what more galactic secrets can be unfolded.


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