Bungee Jumping and Skydiving : 

If you are an adrenaline junkie (or) desperately trying to get a big break from your boring life [Eat-Work-Sleep-Repeat], then this is definitely for you.

Life has miserably become a rat-race with people working like machines in this machine world. Most of the people are unaware that they are being enslaved to a 9-6 working lifestyle. And this has made us forget that there is a whole new level of living life. Only a few people take a chance to get their lives to the fullest. And I hope you to be one among those lucky folks who don’t just survive the life but live it to the fullest.

Now, I’m not compelling you to dream of every single second that’s awaiting you in life [it’s all up to you] but some precious memorable moments that make every bit of your soul blissfully contented to its fullest are sometimes enough to make your life worth living for.

Well, allow me to show you how by revealing some of my adrenaline pumping crazy dreams.

Jumping is Thrilling “The Bungee Jumping” :

I believe you have made a lot of jumping since you were a kid.
Jumped on your father’s lap.
Jumped on a Sofa.
Jumped on your Bed.
Jumped on a Trampoline.

And even you might have long jumped and high jumped in your high school. Well, that’s cute. But I assure you none of the above can even complete with what I call “The Father of all Jumps” – The Bungee Jumping.

Bungee jumping 1

I bet whatever you had felt while you jumped since your childhood, it’s only gonna be 1000 times of it all at once when you ‘Bungee Jump’.

It’s because of the crazy and tingling feeling you get when you stand on the deck with the Bungee cord attached to you.

The moment when it’s just seconds before you are about to take a leap is a combination of Curiosity, Excitement and Fear just rushing through your veins [out of these 3, ‘Fear’ is the most exciting part in which the humongous amount of fear dancing on your chest just mysteriously turns into joy after the jump].

[Make sure the Bungee cord is attached to you before you leap or it’s gonna be your last leap]. And the moment you take the leap of faith is the moment you start to experience all that at once.

Bungee jumping 2

As you plummet all the way down, it feels like you are about to kiss the earth with all your might for one last time. But luckily you won’t… and just a few meters off the surface of the Earth, you will fling back halfway back the journey you came down [that’s when you see your ‘Maker’ flashing at a distance waving his hand]. 

But after lowering you down, I promise you that you are gonna be the most joyous soul on the planet. A sense of accomplishment, happiness, and satisfaction just surges through you. It’s a feeling unlike any other in the whole world.

The moment you step on the deck is the moment you see your crazy dream and the moment you jump off the deck is the moment you feel it.

Let me make it clear. No more words of this thrilling experience can make you feel what it exactly feels like unless you experience it yourself.

So, adding it to your ‘Bucket list’ would definitely be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. Make your life more than just surviving.

If you’re wondering ‘The Bungee Jumping’ is way too challenging just hold on to your *** [whatever you are holding] for what’s about to come next.

Most people just faint as soon as they even imagine doing it [but I’m sure you aren’t one of em]. If you can just do this at least once in your lifetime. Believe me, you are as crazy as ‘The Joker’ inThe Dark Knight. Because it takes each and every ounce of your hidden courage to do it and a crazy attitude to feel and enjoy it.

And it’s not for the faint-hearted, definitely a big no…

The Super Thriller “Sky Diving” :

Now, you might be thinking like ‘No damn way I’m doing it’. But before you conclude your decision, let me show you how it really feels up there.

Whenever I see those beautiful birds flying high in clear blue sky, I just wonder what kinda happiness and real freedom those lucky birds might be enjoying.

Sky diving 1

Going all the way up 12,000 feet [all buckled up] just to plummet straight down. You have no idea of the adrenaline pumped feeling you get when they open the door to jump off the plane. Every step on the deck getting closer to the ‘Birds’ freedom’ makes the heart pound faster than you can count.

Everything comes in overdose when you are at the door to make the biggest jump you have ever made in your entire life [Fear-1000%, Excitement-1001%, Joy-Still calculating].

And finally when you take your leap of faith and your body is no more on the plane, for a second it feels like you have made a terribly terrible move. Your heart throttles faster than an engine’s Piston.

Sky diving 2

But inevitably as you soar free in the air just like a bird and looking down at the beautiful landscape. You’ll just forget everything that’s been bugging you in life and feel the tranquility in the air.

And I bet not even a million dollar in hand can give you that kinda feel [but it can definitely get you there]. And that’s when you truly realize what the birds are truly enjoying each and every single day as you soar in the air just like them.

And it feels like you just wanna stay forever in the air [And you can if you don’t pull your chute].

As you get closer to the ground gradually in controlled maneuvering of your chute [It feels like you have achieved something great in life]. Even though it’s just a minute of all these, this super experience makes your 100 years of life worth it.

‘Skydiving’ is more than just jumping off the plane in the sky and landing on your feet, you’ll know when you do it.

Don’t just survive… live…

And I want you to get out of the rat-race and have your own adventure worthy of you.

Chetan Raj

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Chandu · July 9, 2019 at 20:56

Uhh..!!! haha…!!! 😁😀😀 dat was very cool…!! I love bungee jumping… once I had been to ozone adventures in Bangalore to try this, but as soon as I saw the heights…, it made me step back 😂😂 and I returned back home…, but I just have to try this at least once in my lifetime 😊😊 and surely I will 😊✌✌ and I’m very thankful to u…, I found this very interesting page…!!!

Elpida Cyprus · December 31, 2019 at 23:04

I like your content. Where are you from? I mean what nationality are you? May I ask you to contact us so that we can talk? Can I write to you directly?

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