Fossil Tree :

Archaeological excavation has yielded another exciting discovery. A group of Greek scientists has found a very old fossil tree on the volcanic island of Lesbos.

Scientists have confirmed that this fossil tree dates back some 20 million years which is a pretty long way back in time to the prehistoric era.

This dino-era tree was first discovered during roadwork close to the ancient petrified forest on the island.

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This huge 15,000-hectare Lesbos petrified forest where the tree was discovered is a UNESCO-protected site.

This petrified forest is the result of a deadly volcanic eruption that devoured the once subtropical forest ecosystem in the region 20 million years ago.

The fossil tree was found buried in the layers of ash beds and fine-grained sediments of deltas which were solidified with time.

Fossil TreeImage credit: EPA

According to the professor of the Museum of Natural History of the Petrified Forest of Lesbos, Prf. Nikos Zouros, this finding is the first time to find such a fine and complete specimen with branches and roots still intact ever since the excavations began in 1995.

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“It is a unique find. It is preserved in an excellent couldn’t and from studying the fossilized wood we will be able to identify the type of plant it comes from,” said Prf. Nikos Zouros in a report.

This fossil tree measures about 19 meters long. Leaves of other trees, prehistoric animal bones were also found along with it.

The tree was transported from its discovered site using a specially built splint and metal platform for such huge specimens.

“During the excavations, the various forests that existed between 17 and 20 million years ago on Lesbos are being uncovered and we can reconstruct the ecosystem that existed during the period,” the Prf. added.

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